Bismuth Vanadate

Bismuth Vanadate


 Global benchmark for alkaline resistant Bismuth Vanadate Pigments

Bismuth Vanadate DCC® Yellow 2GTAA: The fail-safe, extremely resistant grade for the most sensitive applications
DCC® Yellow 3GMXA: Greenest shade & most cost-effective grade (best value in use) with exceptionally high colour strength
DCC® Yellow RMXA: The medium shade Bismuth Vanadate yellow with excellent alkali stability.


Pigment Yellow 184
Bismuth Vanadate

Product Overview
DCC®’s Bismuth Vanadate Yellow’s are the market leaders in architectural coatings due to their superior alkali stability versus other conventional and competitive grades. The first generation product, DCC® Yellow 2GTA performs exceptionally well in coatings for silicate plasters and stucco where high alkaline resistance is a must. With our new generation of products, DCC® Yellow 3GMXA, 2GTAA & RMXA, we are witnessing a giant leap forward in performance in high PVC systems. DCC®’s range has now been extended to include a new medium shade pure Bismuth Vanadate pigment that allows our customers to cover a much larger range within the yellow colour space. DCC® Yellow 3GMXA, 2GTAA & RMXA allow formulators to develop high PVC coatings based on Bismuth Vanadate pigments with high colour strength, bright chromatic shades, excellent hiding power and durability. These products are suitable for architectural, industrial, coil, and powder coatings.

• Most technologically advanced alkaline stable Bismuth Vanadate Yellow’s for the architectural coatings market.

• Expanded shade range – Bright green to medium shade Bismuth Vanadate yellows.

• Very high chroma, colour strength and opacity compared to conventional Bismuth Vanadate

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