Cheer up your Day with Pigment Yellow 183!

Cheer up your Day with Pigment Yellow 183!

One of this year’s hottest colour trend is yellow! Luckily enough, DCL Corporation Offers a Range of FDA Approved PY.183’s for plastics including:

  • 2183-A (Close to industry standard)
  • 7183 (Redder in Masstone and Greener/Stronger in tint vs. 2183-A)
  • 7183XS (Strongest Grade in the market leading to value in use for our customers)

These products are non-warping, have outstanding heat stability (up to 300°C), and have excellent weatherfastness in full shade.

Furthermore, they are DCB-free and therefore extensively used as an alternative to Diarylide red shade yellow pigments. PY.183 is heavy metal free and can consequently be employed as a substitute to Medium Chrome Yellow pigments. It is also bleed-resistant in plasticized PVC. They are recommended for use in PVC wire & cable, fibres, film, blow molding, and injection molding applications across a range of polymers including Polyolefins, PS, PET, PVC, PUR, SB, SAN, ABS/ASA.

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