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News & Announcements


  • Your April Newsletter is Now Available!
    Check out our NEW website and brochures, learn about our newest benzimidazolone orange, and our latest update on COVID-19!
  • Your March Newsletter is Now Available!
    Your March Update on Pigments is Available! Learn about how we are approaching the COVID-19 outbreak, our new company name, which pigment orange 36 is right for you, and more!
  • Your February Newsletter is Now Available!
    Check out this month’s newsletter to learn about the impact of lightfastness and weatherfastness on pigments, the history of colour in plastics, and what is coming at the ACS 2020!




  • Presenting DCL Corporation
    In April 2018, H.I.G. Capital combined two leading pigment suppliers, Dominion Colour Corporation & LANSCO Colors, to create a global leader in the supply of color pigments and dispersions for the coatings, plastics, and ink industries.
  • Brighten up your Life with Pigment Yellow 183!
    One of this year's hottest colour trend is yellow! Luckily enough, DCL Corporation Offers a Range of FDA Approved PY.183’s for plastics including: 2183-A (Close to industry standard) 7183 (Redder in Masstone and Greener/Stronger in tint vs. 2183-A) 7183XS (Strongest Grade in the market leading to value in use for our customers)
  • Which Bismuth Vanadate Pigments should be used for Plastics?
    Bismuth Vanadate pigments have been incorporated into plastics since their inception over 35 years ago. They provide outstanding heat-fastness, light-fastness and chemical resistance across all colour depths, and are exceptional products for low warping applications. Coupled with their clean chromatic greenish yellow shade and exceptional hiding power, they are an excellent choice for many plastic applications.

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DCC Violet 3223
7067 Opaque Orange
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