Your February Newsletter is Now Available!

Your February Newsletter is Now Available!

From organics manufacturing growth, to a sneak-peek from the ECS this year, learn what is happening at DCC LANSCO! You can even test your knowledge of color!


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February 2019 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


Highlights from this issue:

  • DCC LANSCO expands its Organic Manufacturing Capacity
  • Need VAT Orange 43? Look no further!
  • Upcoming Conferences
    • ANTEC 2019: The History of Color in Plastics
    • ECS 2019: Exclusive Sneak Peek at the Products we’re Showcasing
  • Test your Knowledge of Color! Take this 5-Question Quiz!



DCC LANSCO® expands its Organic Manufacturing Capacity


DCC LANSCO®, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of colored pigments is installing a new production line for the manufacture of organic pigments in order to meet increasing market demand for DCC LANSCO’s products, which will increase our capacity by more than 50%.

DCC LANSCO’s market leading high performance Benzimidazolone, Metal Salt Azo & Hansa yellow pigments, have been further developed to better meet the increased technical demands of the coatings and plastics markets. These products have been engineered for excellence in performance and creating additional value in use for the customer.

DCC LANSCO is excited to announce that the expansion will be completed by summer 2019. The investment in increased production capacity is part of our continuous improvement process and underscores our commitment to better serving our customers!

Please contact your DCC LANSCO representative for additional information. Samples and new product information are also available upon request.


Are you in need of VAT Orange 43?

Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Orange 2443 (VAT Orange 43) is the strongest organic orange pigment available in the market. It has a clean, bright shade, and has exceptional UV properties, solvent resistance, and heat stability. These attributes make it suitable for high-end or technologically advanced coatings and plastics applications. Specifically, Orange 2443 is used in automotive, industrial and powder coatings. It is also recommended for HDPE and PP plastics, and provides colors to engineering resins where other organic orange pigments will fail.

Click here to learn more about its technical capabilities!

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Upcoming Conferences:



Color is essential to human experience. From pre-history, through ancient civilization into the modern era, cultures have strived to create color in the objects around them. Early peoples exploited natural resources to create images from their surroundings, such as red earth, black soot and white chalk. With time people developed more sophisticated techniques to refine mine als to generate a wider palette with blue, green, bright red and yellow. Often toxic in nature, these early inorganic pigments formed the skeleton of the pigment manufacturing industry. With the discovery of coal tar in the 1800s, and the ensuing rapid industrialization of synthetic chemistry, an explosion of color transpired, leading to the modern chemical industry.

The historic generation of plastics followed a parallel path, beginning with use of natural materials such as ivory and tortoiseshell. Progression to processing of natural materials such as rubber, cellulose and shellac to generate more functional plastics, evolved to a place where coal tar chemistry provided a natural next step. This culminated in the discovery of Bakelite, the fir t fully synthetic plastic in 1907, which ignited the imagination for plastic materials, and the widespread production of consumer and industrial items accelerated. Color and plastic developments went hand in hand, as by the 1950s the desire for brightly colored, functional items skyrocketed. Pigment chemistries were re-imagined with this new era in mind and from this point colour effects were generated specifically or plastic functionality. Textile fibers, au omotive parts, plastic bottles, packaging and film; all un-thin able now, without the effect of color.

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