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Your January Newsletter is Now Available!

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January 2020 Newsletter • Any Application, Any Color, Anywhere.


It is a brand-new year and we’ve got lots in store! We have several new products to be launched and a big announcement to be shared over the next few months!
Check out this month’s issue to learn about:

  • The Colour Red: What does it mean and what is its history?
  • Looking for a Bright Orange for Baking Finishes and Waterborne Paint? Orange 7067 will do the trick!
  • DCC LANSCO UK Location Enhances Plant by Adding New Mills and Dissolvers!
  • Conferences in 2020!
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The Colour Red:

The Colour Red:
What Does it Mean?

Understanding the meaning behind colour is important because it has such an impact on our emotions.

Red is considered the ‘colour of blood and fire’,and is often associated with love, radiance, romance, leadership, power, anger, rage, and determination1.

It is an extremely visible colour which allows people to focus their attention quickly, which is one of the reasons that emergency vehicles and signs (ie. fire trucks and stop signs) are painted red. Culturally speaking, red can carry different meanings. In China, red is worn for good luck, while in South Africa it is worn for mourning. In Canada & the US, it is a colour of pride.

Red was the first colour that humans fabricated into different shades. What follows is a brief overview of red pigments discovered and used throughout history2.

  • Red ochre was used as far back as 250,000 years ago. It was believed that some cultures applied this colour to their bodies as decoration. Early artists eventually began using the pigment as paint.
  • Cinnabar is a natural mercuric sulfide that appeared around the time pharaohs ruled Egypt. Ancient Romans loved the brilliance of its colour and it was quite costly to acquire (15x more than red ochre). Some of the murals from Pompeii used this colour. Later, this red became widely used for luxury items in China in the 12th century.
  • Minium is synonymous with “red lead”. It produces an ‘eye popping’ orange that was popular with artists from India and Persia in the 16th and 17th centuries. Infamous Vincent Van Gogh used this type of pigment frequently. Unfortunately, this colour lightens and many artworks have faded over time.
  • Carmine is derived from the vivid red hue produced by crushed cochineal bugs. They were the third most valuable export from the New World in the 16th century. This was used commonly by 15th and 16th century painters such as Rembrandt.
  • Cadmium was discovered centuries later, in 1817, by a German chemist. However, it wasn’t until 1910 that Cadmium Red was available commercially. Henry Mattise was a major advocate for use of cadmium red, however he was unable to persuade other impressionist artists to switch.
  • Lithol was used by famous artists Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko in the 1940s. Because of its sensitivity to light, many of their artwork was extremely faded only a few decades later. It is still used today for inks.


DCC LANSCO offers a wide range of organic, state-of-the-art red pigments.
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Looking for a Bright Orange for Baking Finishes and Waterborne Paint?
Orange 7067 will do the trick!

DCC Orange 7067

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Enhances Waterfoot (UK) Plant by Adding New Mills and Dissolvers!

Enhances Waterfoot (UK) Plant by Adding New Mills and Dissolvers!

DCC LANSCO has recently commissioned two new mills at our Waterfoot site in the United Kingdom which has significantly increase the production capabilities. The total number of mills has increased from eight to ten, and two new dissolvers have been added which brings the total of five. There are also two new tanks which are larger than most tanks on-site, around 1.2T. This enables us to move away from splitting a batch into smaller mixes and moves us towards larger mixes, which reduces time and increases efficiencies. Both the mills and dissolvers were installed in November. We await extraction for the dissolvers so they can be inaugurated!


Conferences in 2020!

  • American Coatings Show:
    Visit booth #2341!
    March 31-April 1, Indianapolis (IN, USA)
    September 20-22, Orlando (FL, USA)
  • China Coat:
    December 8-10, Guangzhou (China)



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