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Your July Newsletter is Now Available!

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Highlights from this issue:

  • How to Select a Pigment for Powder Coatings Applications
  • Brighten up your Summer with Pigment Yellow 183!
  • Check out the Activities coming up at CAD RETEC 2019 (September 23-25)
  • Did you miss the European Coatings Show? Watch Bruce Howie’s Presentation on the World’s Strongest Bismuth Vanadate



How to Select a Pigment for Powder Coating Applications

Powder Coatings are applied electrostatically as a dry powder, and cured under heat. This creates a finish that is tougher than conventional liquid coatings. Powder coatings are typically used for coating metals, such as bicycles, parts of cars, and more. These are primarily used for exterior applications and therefore need higher-performing pigments.

There are four key requirements that pigments for powder coatings need to have.
They include:

  • Ease of Dispersion: The pigment and powder coating binder will be dispersed during the extrusion process. The pigment must go through deagglomeration during the extrusion process, which optimizes the development of the final colour and also influences the opacity of the final coating. Incorporating a pigment that is easy to disperse under standard processing conditions saves the processor time, leading to production efficiencies and potential cost savings.


  • Durability: This is an extremely important consideration for the powder coatings formulator, especially if the final product is used for exterior applications and industrial processes. For these applications, the pigment must have appropriate weatherfastness, corrosion resistance, acid resistance (in case it comes into contact with acid rain or other potentially corrosive substances) and chemical resistance.
  • Heat stability: The pigment needs to be able to withstand extrusion temperatures and also maintain colour through the bake process. The end use must also be taken into consideration, as there will be exposure to elevated temperatures of a powder coating application used for the manufacture of grills or exhausts.
  • Cost: This is another principal factor for each powder coating manufacturer, as they must be cost competitive to succeed and need to provide their downstream customers with products that perform well over their life span.

To browse our range of Powder Coatings, click here!
You may also download our Powder Coatings Brochures for EU and North America on our website!

Brighten up your Summer with Pigment Yellow 183!

This summer’s hottest colour trend is yellow! Luckily enough, DCC LANSCO Offers a Range of FDA Approved PY.183’s for plastics including:

  • 2183-A (Close to industry standard)
  • 7183 (Redder in Masstone and Greener/Stronger in tint vs. 2183-A)
  • 7183XS (Strongest Grade in the market leading to value in use for our customers)

These products are non-warping, have outstanding heat stability (up to 300°C), and have excellent weatherfastness in full shade.

Furthermore, they are DCB-free and therefore extensively used as an alternative to Diarylide red shade yellow pigments. PY.183 is heavy metal free and can consequently be employed as a substitute to Medium Chrome Yellow pigments. It is also bleed resistant in plasticized PVC. They are recommended for use in PVC wire & cable, fibres, film, blow molding, and injection molding applications across a range of polymers including Polyolefins, PS, PET, PVC, PUR, SB, SAN, ABS/ASA.

Request a sample of one of our PY.183s today!

Check out the Activities coming up at CAD RETEC 2019

Can you believe it? The 57th Annual Society of Plastics Engineers Colour and Appearance Division RETEC® is coming up in just under two short months (September 23-25)! This year it is being held in Cleveland, OH and the theme is Rocking Color in Cleveland.

As a Diamond Sponsor of this event, we are supporting a number of programs, including:

  • CAD RETEC breakfastRock n’ Roll into Breakfast! Join us on Tuesday, September 24th, 7:00 AM in the Exhibition Hall.
  • Fun Run / WalkFun Run / Walk: Help Support Habitat for Humanity by participating in the Fun Run/Walk on Wednesday, September 25th at 7:00 AM! Proceeds go to charity and you go home with a free t-shirt!

  • Join us at the plenary sessions! Nigel Smith (Global Technical Service Manager, DCC LANSCO) will be presenting on “Workhorse pigments for plastics – core pigment chemistries for the polymer colourist’s toolbox” (September 24th, 1:30 PM)
  • Shuttle Service to and from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

We can’t wait to see you in Cleveland!

Rocking color in Cleveland CAD RETEC 2019

World’s Strongest Bismuth Vanadate: Yellow RMXS

Did you miss Dr. Bruce Howie’s presentation at the European Coatings Show in March?
If so, you can still catch his 15-minute presentation by watching it here!







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