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Your November Newsletter is Now Available!

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November 2019 Newsletter • Any Color. Any Application. Anywhere.


Highlights from this issue:

  • Latest developments in dispersions for architectural coatings (Zeki Acar)
  • Looking for a PY.151 with Superior Weatherfastness & Tint Strength?
  • Highlights from China Coat 2019



What are the latest developments for dispersions in the field of architectural coatings?

Zeki Acar (Application Specialist/Business Development Coatings at DCC LANSCO) and Dominique Galy (Sales Manager, France) attended AFTPVA on November 14th, 2019. At this meeting, Zeki spoke about the latest developments in dispersions for architectural coatings. What follows is an English and French version of the abstract as well as a link to the presentation.

Latest Developments:
Orange building The production of coatings with the introduction of pigment concentrate becomes much more flexible to meet the immediate market demand. To exploit this flexibility, it is important to invest time and know-how in the composition and formulation of the pigment paste, in the selection of raw materials, in grinding technology and in grinding devices.

The introduction of new stringent regulations for the classification, labelling and packaging of coating ingredients is becoming a semi-scientific field and requires special attention to comply with the regulations.

Therefore, we would like to inform you with this presentation about our activities in the field of water-based pigment dispersions and spend some time on the composition of the dispersion; encircle all the technical necessities for the starting formulation.

Using an effective biocide and at the same time avoiding labelling of the final product will become more difficult. How to obtain biocide-free coatings by ensuring good in-can stability without trigger labelling requires further investigation.

Dernier développements:
La production de revêtements avec l’introduction de concentré de pigment deviant beaucoup plus flexible pour répondre à la demande immédiate du marché. Pour exploiter cette flexibilité, il est important d’investir du temps et du savoir-faire dans la composition et la formulation de la pâte pigmentaire, dans la sélection des matières premières, dans la technologie de broyage et dans les dispositifs de broyage.

Conference L’introduction de nouvelles réglementations strictes pour la classification, l’étiquetage et l’emballage des ingrédients de revêtement devient un domaine semi-scientifique et nécessite une attention toute particulière pour être conforme à la réglementation.

Par conséquent, nous voudrions vous informer avec cette présentation de nos activités dans le domaine des dispersions de pigments à base d’eau et passer un peu de temps sur la composition de la dispersion; entourer toutes les nécessités techniques pour la formulation de départ.

Utiliser un biocide efficace et éviter en même temps l’étiquetage du produit final deviendra plus difficile.

Comment obtenir des revêtements exempts de biocide en assurant une bonne stabilité à l’intérieur du contenant sans déclencher un étiquetage?

Download the full presentation here!
If you have any questions, please contact Zeki Acar or Dominique Galy!


Looking for a PY.151 with Superior Weatherfastness & Tint Strength for Coatings?

Yellow 7751Comparisons
  • DCC Yellow 7751 has improved weather fastness compared with traditional PY.151’s.
  • In tint, the conventional grades of PY.151 begin to fade with around ∆E*= 3 units after 2,000 hours of exposure.
  • DCC 7751 is the only product with ∆E*= 3 units after the full 4000 hours of exposure

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Highlights from China Coat 2019!

China Coat 2019

China Coat is always an extremely busy event! We were fortunate to have many of our staff attend and meet with customers and suppliers.
Thank you to everyone to was at the show and stopped by our booth!

China Coat 2019


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