Get a Head Start on the Fall!

Get a Head Start on the Fall!

Check out the Strongest BV Pigment in the Market plus highlights from CAD RETEC 2018 and more in September’s issue of the DCC LANSCO newsletter.


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September 2018 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


DCC® LANSCO is committed to providing high-quality pigments for the coatings, plastics, inks, and dispersions industries.

Highlights from this issue:

  • The Strongest BV Pigment in the Market: DCC LANSCO® Yellow RMXS
  • Will polychromatic colours ever make a come back in the automotive industry?
  • Highlights from CAD RETEC 2018
  • Upcoming Conference : North African Coatings Congress




  • Bright lemon shade yellow pigment
  • Designed to have the highest colour strength of any Bismuth Vanadate pigment in the market
  • Outstanding hiding power
  • Maximum Value in Use (less pigment used)
  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • Suitable for high-end plastics & coatings applications

 Watch the RMXS product highlights video or download the product feature sheet today.


Will polychromatic colours ever make a come back in the automotive industry?

White is recognized as the most widely produced colour of car in North America, followed by black, gray and silver1 . We took a poll on social media, and the findings were confirmed. These mundane colours were rated much higher than blue or red. Why is it that we’re becoming so monotonous with our car colour selection?

blueCarA consumer report from 20182 looked at this and found that historically, bright colours were very popular. However, paint systems weren’t very sophisticated in the early 1900s, so the colours would fade and have to be repainted often which became very costly. At this time, Henry Ford decided to utilize darker colours that would last longer and take less time to dry. More innovations ensued after World War I that allowed manufacturers such as Lincoln to produce vibrant shades and even some designs of butterflies or birds on their cars! However, when the depression hit, it became more economical to purchase cars that could be easily touched up if hit. Fast forward to 2018 and things haven’t changed much – non-vibrant colours remain the most popular.

Interestingly, a few years ago (2014) an article was published suggesting that cars with brighter colours have a better resale value. This is thought to be due to the rarity of colourful cars.3 Together, yellow and orange only make up 1.1% of all car colours in North America. Yellow, Orange, Green are the colours with the best resale value. At the bottom of the list we have Black, Grey, and Silver. It is yet to be known whether colours will make a comeback in the market, however it appears that we should consider buying colourful cars to maintain a higher re-sale value on our investment!




Highlights from CAD RETEC

cadretec2018This year’s CAD RETEC conference was quite the success including another successful and enjoyable performance by the Color Eyed Blind band! We hosted several sponsored events – the Monday morning breakfast, a night out at the Rusty Bull (with a special appearance by the famous foodtruck – Braised in the South), as well as the Tuesday morning FunRun. Our Global Technical Service Manager, Nigel Smith, also presented on how environmental and regulatory challenges shape the present and our future within the organic pigments world, which was a huge hit. See below for a few pictures from the conference! For more photos, visit our Facebook page!






We look forward to CAD RETEC 2019!


 Upcoming Conference:

North African Coatings Congress (October 17-18)

DCC LANSCO® representatives, Nigel Smith, Zeki Acar, and Haytham Sayed, will be attending the North African Coating Show 2018 this October. Please contact us if you’d like to meet while we’re there! We look forward to seeing you!



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1 Forbes 2014.
3 Forbes 2014.

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