Your September Newsletter is Now Available!

Your September Newsletter is Now Available!

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September 2019 Newsletter • Any Color. Any Application. Anywhere.™


Highlights from this issue:

  • When was the Last Time Pigment Manufacturing Capacity was Built in North America?
  • Workhorse Pigments for Food Contact Plastics
  • What Happened at CAD RETEC 2019? Check Out the Highlights!
  • Upcoming Conferences:
    • Abrafati 2019 (Brazil)
    • WCS 2019 (USA)



When was the last time pigment manufacturing capacity was built in North America?

A major investment has been made to increase our manufacturing capacity in North America. This was done to ensure a consistent supply will be available for our customers.

Coming soon: new organic pigment facility

The goals behind this project include:

  1. Manufacture close to North American Customers
    • Improved Availability/Shorter Lead times
    • Greater Flexibility/Quicker Response
    • Duty/Tariff Free
  2. Increase capacity to meet growing global demand
  3. Sustainability (low carbon footprint)
  4. New Technology/Tailored Products
  5. Long-term commitment to customers

We look forward to commissioning our new facility in the coming weeks!
Please contact if you’d like more information!

Workhorse Pigments for Food Contact Plastics

Nigel Smith (Global Technical Service Manager) DCC LANSCO

Workhorse Pigments for Food Contact Plastics Abstract
This paper is intended to provide a summary of the common pigments that should form the core toolbox of any colorist working on food contact applications. The paper starts by examining the core reasons to color a polymer in the first place then showing the wide range of polymers and processing techniques. The key color chemistries are detailed along with the key criteria and performance characteristics to allow optimum selection focusing on extrusion and blow molding applications. The relevant FDA requirements are examined and an example of pigment selection decision making is given demonstrating the relevant cost benefits of correct pigment selection for the application, before moving on to detail the core organic aand inorganic pigment chemistries which are FDA compliant. These chemistries are then examined on a cost / performance basis to illustrate the wide variation available and to function as a reference chart for the pigment selection decision making process. Effect pigments are listed by chemistry as the range of these is too wide to cover in more detail. The limitations applicable to FDA compliance are then examined and discussed with regards to the restrictions applicable to the color formulator. A comparison of typical properties for inorganic and organic pigments compares and contrasts these pigment types. An example of the decision-making process follows demonstrating how optimum pigment selection for a particular application can have a significant effect on the cost of the colorant package. The paper wraps up with a summary of the core pigment chemistries.

Click here to download the full paper!

CAD RETEC 2019: Highlights

Rocking Color in Cleveland CAD RETEC 2019This year we were a diamond sponsor of the annual CAD RETEC conference! Below are some highlights from the Welcome Ceremony, our Breakfast, Fun Run, and more!


Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame!

Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame!

Tuesday Morning Breakfast!

Tuesday Morning Breakfast!

5K Fun Run Winner – Justin Gallagher!
We were able to raise $1280 for the Habitat for Humanity at our annual 5K Fun Run! Congratulations to the Fun Run winner, Justin Gallagher, who finished with a time of 23:06!

Fun Run Winner - Justin Gallagher!

To see all the photos from RETEC, visit our Facebook page!


Upcoming Conferences:
Abrafati & WCS 2019!

Abrafati 2019

  • October 1-3, Brazil
  • Join us at Booth #112! DCC LANSCO Staff, Patrick Chan, Jadel Baptista, and Zully Villalobos will be at our booth to answer any sales or technical questions you might have!
  • Listen in: 4 Steps for Effective Pigment Dispersion
    Starting from Scratch Speaker: Jadel Baptista (DCC LANSCO)
    Date: October 3, 2019
    Time: 14h30 to 15h10

Western Coatings Societies SymposiumWestern Coatings Societies Symposium & Show 2019

  • October 20-23, 2019, Las Vegas (NV)
  • Join us at Booth #429! DCC LANSCO Representatives, Larry Frank, Jadel Baptista, and Jon Morrison will be there!


We can’t wait to see you there!



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