DCC Newsletter April 2018

DCC Newsletter April 2018



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April 2018 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


Dominion Colour Corporation is committed to providing high-quality pigments for the coatings, plastics, inks, and dispersions industries. This month, we’ve compiled a few stories that focus on the trends in the pigment market right now.

Highlights from this issue:

  • DCC & LANSCO Merge Businesses
  • DCC Completes REACH Registration
  • Why are road markings, signs, and school buses painted yellow?
  • How Pigment Choice Significantly Affects Cost Savings & Performance
  • Highlights from ACS 2018
  • Dr. Cristina Zanzottera presents at ANTEC 2018!


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Dominion Colour and LANSCO Colors Merge Businesses

april image 1Dominion Colour Corporation (“DCC”), a leading global manufacturer of high performance pigments, dispersions, and preparations for the coatings, plastics and specialty ink industries, and LANSCO Colors (“LANSCO”), a market leading supplier of a wide-range of quality pigments sold to similar industries, announced earlier this month that they will be merging their companies. The combination of DCC and LANSCO will bring together the strengths of both companies, significantly benefitting pigment consuming customers by offering a broad portfolio of color pigments and technical expertise worldwide.
For more information, please contact Dr. Bruce Howie, Global Product Marketing Manager, Dominion Colour Corporation, or Dr. Frank Lavieri, EVP/GM, LANSCO Colors.

DCC Completes REACH Registration for Various Products

april image 2

DCC offers a broad colour palette of pigments worldwide. To ensure ongoing supply to the European Union (EU), DCC has already successfully completed REACH registration for a wide range of our products.
As the EU enters into the final stages of registration, DCC is continuing to obtain the registrations for the remainder of the relevant substances in our product lines. After 31 May 2018, only those suppliers with REACH compliance (registration or exemption) may be in commerce in the EU. To guarantee an uninterrupted supply to the EU, please refer to our extensive selection of REACH registered products.




Why are road markings, signs, and school buses painted yellow?

april image 3The colour yellow can evoke energy, warmth, happiness, fun and most importantly for road signs & school buses – it is attention grabbing.
Yellow catches your attention faster than any other colour. It’s been proven that if you see a yellow object in your peripheral vision, it will stand out even compared to other bright colours such as red. When used in combination with black, it is one of the easiest colour combinations to see from long distances, especially with dimmer lighting (ie. night time, fog, etc.)
Therefore, safety is the ultimate reason for using yellow on traffic signs, road markings, taxi cabs and school buses. In fact, regulations in the US require school buses to be painted yellow to meet safety criteria.
DCC has designed a wide range of yellow pigment shades for these applications. We also offer the specific colour match to US School Bus Yellow via our online colour matching service. Please browse our website to find the colour best suited for your product’s needs.
Please visit our website to learn more about DCC’s green pigments.
How Pigment Choice Significantly Affects Cost Savings & Performance

The following has been adapted from an article written by Peter Yard-Carey (DCC).
A certain class of pigments called Bismuth Vanadate meets the requirements of being highly chromatic and very opaque. It can achieve full hiding in 1 application versus 3+ coats, lending to its cost effectiveness in terms of labour (reduced amount of time to paint the plane 3x) as well as the reduced amount of weight (decreased fuel consumption).
Bismuth Vanadate pigments have far better durability properties which are especially important when considering UV degradation. There are several reasons to choose DCC Bismuth Vanadate products for your aerospace coating requirements. To read the full article, please click here.


American Coatings Show 2018: Highlights
The ACS is one of the most exciting coatings shows around the globe! The DCC team headed down to Indianapolis to meet with industry professionals and expand their knowledge of the latest coatings technologies and trends.


april image 4

Day 1: DCC announced its merger with Lansco the day prior to the ACS. It was great to introduce the DCC / Lansco Booth (#2341) on the first day!

april image 4

Day 1: Great to see Craig Terry from Baril Coatings and John & Henry Kirsch from Trans Western Chemicals!

april image 4

Day 2: Paul Holder (Technical Sales Rep, left), Karen White (Procurement Manager) & Paul Locke (NA Sales Manager) enjoying themselves at the photo booth!

april image 4

Day 3: Wrapping up the ACS at our booth!


april image 8

May 7 – 10, 2018

ANTEC is hosted by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). It is the largest, most prominent technical conference in the plastics industry.
Dr. Cristina Zanzottera (Product Manager at DCC) is presenting on ‘Expanding the Boundaries of Bismuth Vanadate Pigments for Plastics’ at the upcoming ANTEC 2018 conference. Make sure to attend her session on May 7th at 3:00pm. To view the full schedule at ANTEC, please click here: >http://bit.ly/2o2WRCp
We look forward to seeing you there!


april image 9

AITIVA (Italian Association of Industrial Paints Technicians) is a technical-scientific association with the aim of promoting the scientific culture through the paint/coatings industry. For the last 65 years AITIVA has been organizing congresses, meetings, round tables and training courses to allow for networking opportunities for those concerned with the production of paints, printing inks, varnishes, and similar products.
This year’s AITIVA meeting is being held on May 24th, 2018. Our distributor, Garzanti, as well as DCC’s Product Manager, Dr. Cristina Zanzottera, will be attending this conference.
Please join us at our booth!

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