DCC Newsletter December 2017

DCC Newsletter December 2017



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Year in Review

It has been quite the year at Dominion Colour Corporation (DCC®). At the end of 2016, H.I.G. invested in DCC, and
since then there have been significant changes for the better – from the launch of many new, innovative products,
changes in personnel, as well as the completion of our corporate re-branding (new website, corporate video, and
social media platforms small social icons ). We are proud of these accomplishments and we’re excited to begin 2018
as a newly re-branded company. What follows is a review of some of the key products launched this year and
conferences we attended.

New Product Launches 2017:


DCC Blue A2RU . DCC Orange ORS   DCC Orange 7336
DCC Blue A2RU is a more economical yet
high-performance indanthrone blue pigment
for coatings and specialty ink applications,
offering a brighter & more intense shade.
  DCC Orange ORS is the cleanest inorganic orange in the market, with excellent solvent stability, high opacity, and very good weatherfastness, which is suitable for high pigment loading systems for high-end coatings and plastics.   DCC Orange 7336 is a high performance blue
shade Benzimidazolone orange for use in a broad range of high-end coatings applications
where exceptional weatherfastness, heat stability, chemical resistance, and dispersibility/rheological stability are required.
DCC Yellow 7854   DCC Yellow 184   DCC Yellow 2100
DCC Yellow 7854 is a high-end coating used for automotive, architectural and industrial applications due to its excellent weatherfastness, chemical & heat resistance. This product was designed to have the best rheology stability in the market.   DCC Yellow 2GTAA, 3GMXA, and RMXA set the global benchmark for alkaline resistant Bismuth Vanadate pigments. They are used for both coatings and plastics applications.   DCC Yellow 2100 is a green shade yellow pigment for high-end coatings applications that has excellent heat and chemical resistance properties for high pH architectural systems (i.e. siloxanebased pigments). It is zinc-free, which provides additional benefit for downstream customers who are becoming eco-label compliant.


DCC Yellow 7391   DCC Yellow 7380    
DCC Yellow 7391 is a high performance red shade organic yellow for use
in a broad range of high-end
plastic applications. Its superb heat resistance ensures that this product
performs exceptionally at processing temperatures up to 300°C.
  DCC Yellow 7380 is a mid-shade organic
yellow pigment for use in a broad range of
high-end plastic applications. It is a new grade of PY.180, with increased strength, improved dispersibility in plastics leading to reduced pressure build during extrusion and less filament breakage.



To view more of our products, please visit:

Product Feature Sheets

Conferences – 2017

Over the course of the year, DCC staff had the opportunity to attend, exhibit, and present at numerous conferences over the year, including:

• AMI Thermoplastics (January)
• European Coatings Show (March)
• Middle East Coatings Show (March)
• CAD RETEC (September)
• Western Coatings Show (October)
• Pigment & Ti02 (October)
• China Coat (November)
Malaysian Paint Manufacturers’ Association Green Forum (November)

DCC will attend these conferences next year, as well as several others!
Please contact sales@dominioncolour.com to meet with a DCC representative at any of the listed
conferences. We look forward to meeting with you!


Your Sales Representatives
Please contact your regional sales representative for more information on the products advertised here
or any others in our product range.

North America:
Paul Locke, General Sales Manager (plocke@dominioncolour.com)
Paul Holder, Technical Sales Representative (pholder@dominioncolour.com)
Suzanne Letrondo, Technical Sales Representative Specialty Coatings (sletrondo@dominioncolour.com)
Bob Neu, Business Development Manager, NA (bneu@dominioncolour.com)
Mike Guzzo, Key Account Manager, Inks (mguzzo@dominioncolour.com)
Jon Morrison, Distributor Sales Manager & Sales Representative (jmorrison@dominioncolour.com)
Snezana Milanovich, Technical Sales Representative (smilanovich@dominioncolour.com)

Peter Baggen, Vice President Sales (pbaggen@dominioncolour.nl)
George Hughes, Managing Director, Europe (ghughes@dominioncolour.com.uk)
Andy Fenlon, Sales Manager, UK/Eastern Europe (afenlon@dominioncolour.co.uk)
Dominique Galy, Sales Manager, France, Spain & Portugal (dgaly@dominioncolour.co.uk)
Bruno Krato, Sales Manager, DACH Region (bkrato@dominioncolour.co.uk)
Lieven Vandenberghe, European Coatings Industry, Coordination Manager (lvandenberghe@dominioncolour.co.uk)
Jon Rymer, Vice-President Strategic Business Development (j.rymer@geminidispersions.com)
Matthew Brooks, DCC UK, European Sales Manager (m.brooks@geminidispersions.com)
Jack Eaton, DCC UK, Technical Sales Representative (UK & Ireland) (j.eaton@geminidispersions.com)
Prakash Naik, DCC UK, Head of Technical (p.naik@geminidispersions.com)
Julian Ling, DCC UK, Product Manager – Digital Inks (j.ling@geminidispersions.com)

Asia Pacific:
Patrick Chan, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific & LATAM (pchan@dominioncolour.com)
Effendi Wijaya, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (ewijaya@dominioncolour.com)
Yvonne Chang, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (yvchang@dominioncolour.com)

Hani Sarhan, General Sales Manager, MEA & Canada (hsarhan@dominioncolour.com)
Haytham Sayed, Business Development – Middle East & Africa (h.sayed@geminidispersions.com)

Latin America:
Julia Guerinoni, Regional Sales Manager, North Latin America & Caribbean (jguerinoni@dominioncolour.com)
Zully Villalobos, Technical Sales Manager, Latin America (zvillalobos@dominioncolour.com)



Our Vision is to provide Colour to the World with a reputation for Consistent Quality Excellence

Our Purpose is to fulfill the needs of our Customers, and to thereby create Opportunities for Employees,
our Owner, the Community and other Stakeholders to Prosper

We Treat and Respond to one another with Honesty, Integrity, Dignity and Respect.
We Strive to Excel in fulfilling the needs and expectations of our Customers, both Internal and External.
We Expect and Support Quality and Excellence in Everything We Do
We Expect and Support Safety and Protection of the Environment
We Practice Open Lines of Communication and Respect one another’s Point of View

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