DCC Newsletter February 2018

DCC Newsletter February 2018

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February 2018 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


Dominion Colour Corporation is committed to providing the global markets with high-quality pigments for the coatings, plastics, inks, and dispersions industries. Over the course of February, many exciting things took place at DCC. We launched DCC’s Pigment Red 7188 – a yellow shade red pigment for high-end coatings applications, just in time for Valentines day! We also officially merged our dispersion business subsidiary, Gemini, into our organization. The DCC website now features the full range of dispersion products for you to browse. In order to remain competitive in this market, we also increased our prices on certain products. Last but not least, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve hired two new employees and promoted two of our long-standing employees.

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February’s Featured Pigment: DCC Red 7188

In light of Valentine’s day, we are promoting the recently launched DCC Red 7188 (PR.188) this month. The colour red is associated with life, love, war, and death and evokes emotions of passion, energy, and power. It is our mission at DCC to bring vibrant pigments like Red 7188 to the world, in order to arouse these emotions from downstream customers. DCC Red 7188 is a bright yellow shade naphthol AS red pigment that is considered a drop-in match to the market standard. It used for a wide array of high-end coatings applications due to its excellent durability properties. It also represents an outstanding lead-free alternative to molybdate orange pigments and is registered world-wide.


Drop in Match to Market Standard

DCC Red 7188 it is considered a drop-in match in masstone and similar shade and strength in tint to the market standard (see Figure 1 & 2 below).

“Figure 1. DCC 7188 vs. Market Standard (Masstone)
“Figure 2. DCC 7188 vs. Market Standard (Tint)


Recommended Applications: Industrial, Architectural & Powder Coatings

Due to its excellent fastness, durability and dispersibility properties, it is recommended for high-end industrial, architectural and powder coatings applications. This red pigment can also be used in certain automotive and coil coating systems.

Lead-Free Alternative

Customers are increasingly looking for heavy-metal free alternative pigments. DCC Red 7188 fills this need, as it is an organic pigment that represents an outstanding lead-free alternative to molybdate orange pigments.



DCC Merges Dispersion Business Subsidiary, Gemini Dispersions Ltd, into parent organization

DCC is pleased to announce that it has fully merged its Dispersions business subsidiary, Gemini Dispersions Ltd, into DCC. This includes all activities of the business, including changes to its name, contact information, sales, customer service, and website.

The name of Gemini Dispersions Ltd is now Dominion Colour Corporation and all references to Gemini from correspondence, technical literature, safety data sheets, etc., have been discontinued. The ‘Gemsperse’ tradename has been retained as well as the individual product codes, so customers are able to order their products as before. All contact telephone numbers at the Waterfoot site remain, but all email addresses have been changed from the domain name @geminidispersions.com to the new domain name @dominioncolour.eu. Sales and customer service will become the responsibility of DCC’s global sales and customer service network. The Gemini website will be redirected to the DCC website shortly, which now illustrates the ranges of dispersions available, the product index, and the corresponding product selection guides. Please visit the dispersions portion of the DCC website to view the newly re-branded dispersions materials.

We are very excited about the merger of the two businesses and look forward to serving you with the full range of Dominion Colour’s solutions portfolio.


DCC® will increase prices of several azo and dye based organic pigments globally

DCC® has increased pricing for numerous pigments. This is necessary due to the escalation in costs of raw materials employed in the manufacture of several azo and dye based pigments, and has been prompted by reduced availability of these resources as a result of tighter health, safety and environmental controls in China. Please contact your DCC® representative for more details.


Conferences – 2018

  • Middle East Coatings Show (March)
  • American Coatings Show (April)
  • ANTEC/NPE 2018: The Plastics Show (May)
  • Coatings for Africa (May)
  • CAD RETEC (September)
  • OCCA SURFEX Conference (September)
  • North African Coatings Congress (October)
  • Ramspec conference – Italy (October)
  • China Coat (November)

Please contact sales@dominioncolour.com or visit https://www.pigments.com/contact-us to meet with a DCC representative. We look forward to seeing you there!


New DCC® Employees:
DCC is so pleased to welcome two new employees to our team – Annegret & Diana!

Annegret Schikowsky
Annegret Schikowsky has joined the DCC Europe Customer Service team! Annegret joins us from Halle, Germany with a Masters Degree in Economics and Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management. Annegret is a native German but speaks fluent English as well as some French. Annegret also has a range of experience within customer service roles both in Germany and more recently in the UK. Annegret will be taking on responsibility for the German speaking markets as well as other territories yet to be defined as the integration with the Gemini site progresses.
Diana Lupau
Diana Lupau has joined the DCC team as a Purchasing Agent! She will be primarily located at the Ajax facility and will travel to the New Toronto plant as needed. Diana will report to Karen White and will be responsible for ordering high quality, cost-effective MROs and factory supplies required by the various departments at the site. She will also be responsible for monitoring all purchases for compliance with current policies regarding approval requirements and capital expenditure guidelines. She will oversee the leased fleet of trucks, maintain inventory records, as well as resolve all problems with customs brokers on documentation, release of shipments, and remissions related to the site(s). Diana has over 16 years of experience in the Purchasing field and we’re pleased to have her on board!


DCC “People on the Move”
Congratulations to Dave Campbell and Mila Khatri on their new roles and responsibilities within DCC!

Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell has been appointed to the position of Vice President North American Operations & Global Procurement. He will continue to report to Mark Vincent. In addition to his outsourcing and resale responsibilities, he will now oversee manufacturing at New Toronto and Ajax, the North American Engineering team, as well as the Global Procurement function. Dave will also provide oversight of Operations in Mississauga. Charlie Watt, Manufacturing Manager Organic Division; Joseph Olejarz, Site Manager Ajax; Daryl Drone, Engineering Manager; and Karen White, Procurement Manager, will all report directly to Dave.

Dave joined DCC in 1988 as a Lab Technician in Ajax and has held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility including Production Superintendent at New Toronto (1994), Plant Manager New Toronto (2003), Manufacturing Manager Inorganics (2006), and most recently Division Manager Lead Chromates/Resale & Outsourcing Manager.

Mila Khatri

Mila Khatri has been appointed to the position of Executive Office Manager. In her new role Mila will report directly to Mark Vincent, however will provide a great deal of administrative support to the Executive team. She will be responsible for maintaining the Executive group’s schedules, as well as for arranging travel for the Senior Leadership team. She will provide office management support at the Corporate Office, and will procure supplies for the various Canadian sites. Mila will continue to provide support to the Sales group through preparation of weekly sales analytics for the global salesforce.

Mila has been an invaluable member of the DCC team at our New Toronto site for over thirty years, and we are confident that she will excel in her new role.


Your Sales Representatives

Please contact your regional sales representative for more information on the products advertised here and any others in our product range. Please contact your regional sales representative for any product related questions!

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