DCC Newsletter January 2018

DCC Newsletter January 2018



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January 2018 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready for a new and colourful year!

Featured Product:
DCC’s newest benzimidazolone pigment for coatings – Yellow 7854 – is featured in this monthly newsletter. It is an outstanding option for use in automotive applications (OEM, refinish and fleet), as well as architectural concrete and high end industrial coatings.

Featured Colour:
In light of Pantone’s “Colour of the Year” Ultra Violet 18-3838, a “dramatically provocative & thoughtful purple shade”†. We have featured a similar version of this colour in this month’s issue – Pigment Violet 23.

Conferences 2018:
We have also highlighted the conferences we will be attending this year. If you would like to meet with one of our DCC representatives while you are there, please contact sales@dominioncolour.com.

ISO 9001:2008 Registration:
We are pleased to announce the registration of DCC’s Dispersions and Preparations site in Mississauga to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System standard as of January 22, 2018.

Personnel Changes: 
We are pleased to welcome a number of new staff members this year, as well as announce several exciting promotions within the company. Last but not least, don’t forget to connect with Dominion Colour Corporation on social media!

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Featured Product: Yellow 7854:

ddc yellow

DCC Yellow 7854 (PY.154) is a high performance green shade yellow pigment for use in high-end coatings applications. PY.154 is the most durable and weatherfast of the yellow benzimidazolone pigments. Its superb durability properties make it well suited for automotive applications including OEM, refinish and fleet.

DCC Yellow 7854’s enhanced rheology and low foam support high mill base loadings in both aqueous and solvent borne systems. For non-automotive applications, it is exceptional for use in architectural, stucco, concrete, and silicate coatings due to its exceptional alkali stability, as well as high end industrial coatings. PY.154 is the most durable and weatherfast of the yellow benzimidazolone pigments.

DCC Yellow 7854 is similar in shade and strength to DCC Yellow 7154 and is slightly redder in masstone and stronger in tint than Clariant H3G and DCC Yellow 7754 (see table 1 below).

Table 1. Colouristic Data & Comparison – D65/10deg
ddc yellow.table

What does this mean for the end user?
Because of DCC Yellow 7854’s excellent durability and weatherfastness, it is guaranteed to provide a long-lasting colour in coatings for high-end architectural or automotive applications, compared with competitive grades.

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ddc yellow paints


Featured Product:



Pantone’s colour or the year, Ultra Violet 18-3838, is thought to ‘communicate originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.’††

Historically speaking, violet was associated with royalty. In fact, it is said that in the 16th century Queen Elizabeth I allowed only close relatives to wear purple. By the 19th century, the colour was made more accessible to the world when a British chemist patented the process for synthetic purple.††† It is now recognized as a unique colour that evokes spirituality with a hint of mystique. DCC developed Pigment Violet 23 to satisfy all types of markets. It is available for coatings, dispersions, plastics, and inks!


DCC Violet 3223 is a blue shade violet for use in demanding automotive/fleet refinishes, agricultural/ construction equipment, oil/gas/marine, industrial protective and architectural latex coatings. It has excellent tinctorial value and weatherfastness relative to competitive grades (see table 1). This product also demonstrates high gloss, opacity, and stability, making it suitable for both solvent and water borne coatings.


DVS Violet 223 is a a multi-purpose solvent based dispersion for agricultural & construction equipment, automotive OEM, automotive refinish & fleet, building products, oil, gas & marine coatings. It is manufactured from the DCC pigment, DCC 3223. DVS 223 takes the headaches away from dispersing a product that is this inherently difficult to disperse and clean up. In addition to the value a dispersion brings, DVS223, does not suffer from the Countervailing and Antidumping duties typically applied to imported PV.23 pigment.


DCC 3423 is a blue shade carbazole violet pigment designed for plastics applications (film, blow molding, injection molding, PVC, wire and cable). It has very high colour strength and heat resistance (300°C). The weatherfastness of DCC 3423 is excellent in masstone and fair in tint. It is used as a shading agent in all typical pigment applications. This plastic grade violet 23 pigment can be used for indirect food contact applications in Europe and France, and it can be used in toys in the US and Europe.


DCC Violet 3123 is a carbazole pigment that offers excellent gloss, transparency and rheology for P/A and N/C solvent inks. It offers better performance that leading competitors.

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Conferences – 2018
DCC staff have already attended the 2018 AMI Thermoplastics Conference and Pakistani Coatings Show.

Highlights from AMI Thermoplastics

We will continue to attend, exhibit, and present at numerous conferences over the year, including (but not limited to):

  • Middle East Coatings Show (March)
  • American Coatings Show (April)
  • ANTEC/NPE 2018: The Plastics Show (May)
  • Coatings for Africa (May)
  • CAD RETEC (September)
  • Western Coatings Show (October)
  • North African Coatings Congress (October)
  • Ramspec conference – Italy (October)
  • China Coat (November)


Please contact sales@dominioncolour.com or visit https://www.pigments.com/contact-us to meet with a DCC representative. We look forward to seeing you there

 ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Registration

DCC is pleased to announce the registration of DCC’s Dispersions and Preparations site in Mississauga to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System standard as of January 22, 2018.

The scope of site registration includes the design and manufacture of specialty industrial coatings, dispersions and digital printing ink.

Congratulations to DCC Mississauga on this achievement. The inclusion of DCC’s Dispersions and Preparations site in Mississauga to our ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) marks another milestone in building a unified DCC.

DCC has been certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard by our registrar, Quality Systems Registrars (QSR), since November 1995. Expanding our registration to include DCC Mississauga solidifies our key quality commitment “to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations through our products, services and communications”.

DCC’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System will continue to facilitate our ongoing commitment to achieve customer satisfaction and improve productivity in all aspects of our business.


New DCC® Employees:
DCC is so pleased to welcome a number of new employees to our team!

nigel smith Nigel Smith has joined DCC as Global Technical Services Manager. Nigel will report to Peter Baggen and will be located at our Waterfoot site but will travel regularly to all DCC sites. Nigel will be responsible for ensuring that DCC’s internal and external Technical Service teams and Commercial Sales teams are working congruently to ensure that both new and existing customers are receiving optimum service levels. Furthermore, he will fulfill the role of Applications Specialist for Plastics EMEA where he will travel alongside our Sales force to provide needed technical support, ensuring that our existing and potential plastics customers get world-class service and solutions from DCC.
andrew danna Andrew D’Anna is now a part of the DCC Monteith Facility, working as the Production Supervisor. Andrew will report to Bruce Clatworthy and all production personnel will report to him. He will be responsible for overseeing DCC Monteith’s production and ensuring that we are meeting or exceeding our targets. Andrew has held supervisory roles at both KIK Custom Products in Etobicoke and Cosmetica Laboratories in Toronto. His most recent role was that of Production Chemist at Digital Specialty Chemicals.
alex naghibi Alex Naghibi has joined DCC as the Production Supervisor at the Ajax location. He will report to Paul Cougle and will be responsible for overseeing overall production onshift, which entails ensuring scheduled production is met while prioritizing employee safety, the environment, product quality, and cost efficiency. Alex has over 10 years of progressive experience in manufacturing. He began his career in Strategic Marketing & Technical Sales at Belzona Polymeric Limited, however he eventually moved into the Operations side when he accepted the role of Plant Shift Manager at Pirelli Tires. Alex has also held production roles at BCQ Chemical Group and most recently at Cosmetica Laboratories Inc. where he increased productivity and reduced quality-related issues.
fatema abdulhusein Fatema Abdulhusein is the new Human Resources Generalist. She will be primarily located at Head Office and will report to Caitlin Inwards. Her responsibilities include supporting the Global Human Resources function, including Recruitment & Onboarding, Training & Development, and HR Information System Administration, providing support for employees and managers, assisting in or leading special projects, and overseeing the local benefit administration. Fatema has over seven years of experience in the Human Resources field. Her most recent role was that of Payroll/HR Coordinator at Plats du Chef, a food manufacturer. She was responsible for coordinating the recruitment process, onboarding new employees including providing legislative training, ensuring both legal and company compliance was met, and maintaining the payroll system.


DCC “People on the Move”
We are pleased to announce several promotions and personnel changes that have occurred over the last month at DCC!

ludo vos Ludo Vos has been assigned an expanded role of Head of Operations Europe. In his new position, Ludo will be responsible for the plant operations and site activities in Europe. Shaun Cullen at Waterfoot will report directly to Ludo, and the reporting structure in Maastricht will remain unchanged. Ludo’s overall objectives are to improve site safety, efficiency, continuous improvement and profitability. Ludo has worked for over 30 years at DCC and predecessor Ciba. Since DCC’s takeover in 2010, Ludo has worked as a Site Manager in Maastricht. Prior to that, Ludo held several positions, mainly as a Production Manager and Technical Services Manager.
andy fenlon Andy Fenlon has taken on an expanded role which will include oversight of the Middle East & African regions. As such, his new title will be General Sales Manager EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). Given Andy’s track record, we are confident that he will be successful in managing sustained growth of the MEA region. In light of Andy’s expanded role, Haytham Sayed, Business Development – Middle East & Africa will report to him, effective same date.
hani sarhan Hani Sarhan has transitioned from General Sales Manager, Canada & MEA to General Sales Manager, Canada and Business Development Manager, North America. Hani will continue report to Peter Baggen and will work with the North American Sales team to assist in fostering key customer relationships and establishing new business and opportunistic markets in North America
vakhtang tsitelaouri Vakhtang Tsitelaouri is now in the position of Corporate Accountant at Consumers Road. He will report to Elvie Lim-Reynolds, and will be responsible for providing general accounting services to the corporation in areas such as consolidation, VAT & HST compliance, commissions, rebates, year-end audit, account analysis, and other related duties. Vakhtang has been part of DCC’s finance department since 2007.
harshad buranpuri Harshad Buranpuri has been promoted to the position of Chemist at the DCC Monteith location. In his new role, Harshad will lead the efforts to elevate DCC Monteith’s Quality Control and Technical Service functions to optimize manufacturing operations. He will continue to play an integral role in the lab. He has been a part of the DCC Monteith team for over 7 years, and holds a Post BSC in Paint Technology


Your Sales Representatives

Please contact your regional sales representative for more information on the products advertised here and any others in our product range.

North America: 

Paul Locke, General Sales Manager, North America (plocke@dominioncolour.com)

Paul Holder, Technical Sales Representative (pholder@dominioncolour.com)

Suzanne Letrondo, Sales Representative, NA (sletrondo@dominioncolour.com)

Bob Neu, Business Development Manager, NA (bneu@dominioncolour.com)

Mike Guzzo, Key Account Manager, Inks (mguzzo@dominioncolour.com)

Jon Morrison, Distributor Sales Manager & Sales Representative (jmorrison@dominioncolour.com)

Snezana Milanovich, Technical Sales Representative (smilanovich@dominioncolour.com)


George Hughes, Managing Director, Europe (ghughes@dominioncolour.com.uk)

Peter Baggen, Vice President Sales (pbaggen@dominioncolour.nl)

Andy Fenlon, Sales Manager, UK/Eastern Europe (afenlon@dominioncolour.co.uk)

Dominique Galy, Sales Manager, France, Spain & Portugal (dgaly@dominioncolour.co.uk) Bruno Krato, Sales Manager, DACH Region (bkrato@dominioncolour.co.uk)

Lieven Vandenberghe, European Coatings Industry, Coordination Manager (lvandenberghe@dominioncolour.co.uk)

Asia Pacific:

Patrick Chan, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific & LATAM (pchan@dominioncolour.com)

Effendi Wijaya, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (ewijaya@dominioncolour.com)

Yvonne Chang, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (yvchang@dominioncolour.com)


Hani Sarhan, General Sales Manager, MEA & Canada (hsarhan@dominioncolour.com) Haytham Sayed, Business Development – Middle East & Africa (h.sayed@geminidispersions.com)

Latin America:

Julia Guerinoni, Northern Latin America Sales (jguerinoni@dominioncolour.com)

Zully Villalobos, Technical Sales Manager, Latin America (zvillalobos@dominioncolour.com)


Our Vision is to provide Colour to the World with a reputation for Consistent Quality Excellence

Our Purpose is to fulfill the needs of our Customers, and to thereby create Opportunities for Employees,
our Owner, the Community and other Stakeholders to Prosper

We Treat and Respond to one another with Honesty, Integrity, Dignity and Respect.
We Strive to Excel in fulfilling the needs and expectations of our Customers, both Internal and External.
We Expect and Support Quality and Excellence in Everything We Do
We Expect and Support Safety and Protection of the Environment
We Practice Open Lines of Communication and Respect one another’s Point of View

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