DCC Newsletter July 2017

DCC Newsletter July 2017

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July 2017 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™

Dominion Colour Corporation (DCC®) is a leader in colour pigment solutions and preparations for the coatings, plastics and specialty ink industries worldwide. DCC® and its subsidiary companies offers a broad product portfolio focused on high performance inorganic and organic pigments, pigment preparations and dispersions, as well as some specialty coatings and digital inks. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, DCC® has world class manufacturing facilities in Canada and the Netherlands as well as technical sales offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia to enable close collaboration with customers.
Through the unstinting efforts of our employees and partners, DCC® strives to excel in fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers in over 75 countries by consistently supplying quality products and services to
customers in the plastics, coatings, printing ink, paper and artists colour industries both locally and globally.

Patrick Chan

Patrick Chan Regional Sales Director – Asia Pacific



Two Asia Pacific Team Members’ Promotions Announced
Singapore (June 29, 2017) – Dominion Colour Corporation (DCC®) is pleased to announce that effective July 1, Patrick Chan has been promoted to the position
of Regional Sales Director, and Effendi Wijaya has been promoted to Technical Sales Manager, both in the Asia Pacific region. Patrick Chan has been a key member of the global DCC® sales team. In assuming his new role as Regional Sales Director – Asia Pacific, Patrick will lead a professional team dedicated to helping customers bring their ideas to market with DCC®’s world-class Lead Chromate, Bismuth Vanadate, and Organic pigments.


Effendi Wijaya

Effendi Wijaya Technical Sales Manager – Asia Pacific

In his new position as Technical Sales Manager – Asia Pacific, Effendi Wijaya will continue to report to Patrick Chan and support all DCC® sales in the region.
Effendi has been with DCC® since 2010 and has consistently demonstrated the ability to successfully grow the DCC® market share in Asia Pacific.









Bruce Howie

Dr Bruce Howie Global Product Marketing Manager


Global Product Marketing Manager Announced

Toronto (June 29, 2017) – DCC® is also happy to announce that effective immediately, Dr Bruce Howie has been promoted to the position of Global
Product Marketing Manager. In his new position Bruce will be responsible for the product management and marketing of DCC®’s products on a global basis.
Bruce joined DCC® approximately eight years ago as a Senior R&D Chemist from EC Pigments where he held the position of R&D Manager, Bruce holds a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and BSc (Hons) in Chemistry with Colour Chemistry from Heriot-Watt University. Bruce later successfully transitioned into the role of Organic Product Manager in 2014, where he helped our international sales and distribution teams to both maintain and build profitable relationships with our global customer base.



DCC® Yellow RMXA (PY.184)
Expanding the boundaries of the BV shade range in performance coating & plastic applications.
DCC® Yellow RMXA (PY.184) is a lemon shade Zinc free Bismuth Vanadate yellow with enhanced alkaline stability in comparison to conventional grades.
Figure 1 shows the superior alkali resistance of DCC® Yellow RMXA when compared against DCC® Yellow 3GMXA (Green shade, high strength alkaline resistant Bismuth Vanadate), DCC® Yellow 2GTA (First generation alkaline resistant PY.184) and a conventional Bismuth Vanadate. It retains almost 100% of its colour strength after being exposed for 1 hour to 10% NaOH.
DCC® Yellow RMXA is the most technologically advanced clean, red shade PY.184 for use in silicate and siloxane architectural coatings. It represents a giant leap forward in systems with high pigment volume concentration (PVC), where there is a definitive requirement for high colour strength, bright chromatic shades, excellent hiding power and durability.


Figure 1aa


The test for alkaline stability is performed on the tint applications of an acrylic wall paint. DCC® uses two different procedures as shown in figure 2. Applications are aged for one hour with Sodium Hydroxide
(5% or 10% NaOH). The most severe test conditions were observed when a cotton pad was used. This was due to evaporation of some of the water in the NaOH solution, which made the test environment more caustic.


Figure 2aa


DCC® Yellow RMXA is an exceptional, highly chromatic (Figure 3) red shade Zinc free Bismuth Vanadate with high colour strength (Figure 4) for incorporation into polyolefin applications (both in HDPE and PP), with outstanding weather fastness in masstone and tint, excellent heat stability (> 280° C) and it is Boric acid-free, so no need for SVHC labeling in EU.


Figure 3aa


Figure 4aa


The heat stability of 280°C is more than ample for most polyolefins applications (see figure 5), and DCC® Yellow RMXA is an unique alternative in both coatings and plastics formulations containing PY.138.


Figure 5aa


DCC® Yellow 7854 (PY.154)
High performance yellow for the automotive, architectural, industrial & powder coatings markets
DCC® Yellow 7854 (PY.154) is a high performance green shade yellow for use in high-end coatings applications. DCC® Yellow 7854’s superb weatherfastness and chemical resistance make it well suited for Automotive applications including OEM, Refinish and Fleet. Additionally, DCC® Yellow 7854 has enhanced rheology and is a low foaming grade which supports its utilization in high mill base loading aqueous and solvent borne systems. For non-automotive applications, DCC® Yellow 7854 is exceptional for use in architectural concrete coatings and high end industrial coatings.


DCC Yellow 7854


The table below shows that DCC® Yellow 7854 is similar in shade and strength to DCC® Yellow 7154, but is slightly redder in masstone and stronger in tint than Clariant® H3G and DCC® Yellow 7754.




DCC® Yellow 7854 has lower mill base rheology at 16% pigmentation than Clariant® H3G, and generates less foam in waterborne systems (Figure 1). This has allowed our customers to increase their pigment loadings, or use less energy during the dispersion of their coatings systems.


Figure 1 b


We also evaluated these products in solvent based alkyd melamine coatings and the rheology of DCC® Yellow 7854 was consistently lower than DCC® Yellow 7154 and Clariant® H3G at all shear rates.


Figure 2b


We are promoting DCC® Yellow 7854 ahead of our existing grades & competition in new opportunities for waterborne & solventborne industrial or automotive coatings with a high mill base loading, because this
product has been designed to provide a definitive technical advantage against the alternatives in the market. With its consistently lower mill base rheology and higher tint strength DCC® Yellow 7854 provides you with a cost effective alternative to other PY.154’s, and is also a superb heavy metal free option in automotive, industrial, architectural & powder coatings.


DCC® Yellow 2100 (PY.184)
The Zinc free option against other BV’s in the coating market
DCC® Yellow 2100 is a highly opaque, Zinc free, green shade Bismuth Vanadate pigment with excellent resistance to weathering. DCC® Yellow 2100 is very close to Sicopal® Yellow L1100 in both full shade and in tint, and therefore considered an excellent offset for coatings applications.


DCC Yellow 2100


The main application area for this new grade will be in coatings whether solvent borne or water borne systems. It is so versatile it can be formulated into architectural, industrial, coil, automotive and powder coatings.
As can be seen from figure 1, DCC® Yellow 2100 is very close in full shade to Sicopal® Yellow L1100. The Tint strength of DCC® Yellow 2100 has been engineered to be a drop in match to Sicopal® Yellow L1100 to make it easier for our customers to use it in existing formulations.


Figure 1c


As can be observed in figure 2, since DCC® Yellow 2100 was developed to be similar to the competitive product it has lower tint strength compared to our high strength PY.184’s, namely DCC® Yellow 3GMX & DCC® Yellow 4GMX (Figure 2). Whether you want a solution for your coatings system that will emulate or enhance DCC® has the range of Bismuth Vanadates to embrace your needs.


Figure 2 Tint Strength



As a follow up to the final Authorisation decision under EU REACH, DCC would like to take this opportunity to remind all downstream users of DCC PY.34 and PR.104 that the deadline for your Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) is fast approaching.
As per Article 3(d) of the EC decision, C(2016) 5644 of 07.09.2016: “…for all the uses referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, the authorisation holder’s downstream users to whom this Decision applies by virtue of Article 56(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 shall submit no later than by 30 June 2017 to the European Chemicals Agency (‘Agency’), for transmission to the authorisation holder, information on the
status of the suitability and availability of alternatives for their use(s), providing a detailed justification of the need to use lead sulfochromate yellow or lead chromate molybdate sulfate red, including information on the status of the performance requirements referred to in those paragraphs, as well as any national legal requirements…” In summary, the downstream users of DCC PY.34 and PR.104 in the European Union are required to prepare an AoA by 30 June 2017. The purpose of the AOA is to:
• Define the end use(s) of PY.34 & PR.104
• Identify the alternatives associated with each use/shade
• Explain the deficiencies for each alternative or why the alternatives are not a sufficient replacement
• Provide technical evidence/comparisons of PY.34 & PR.104 against the alternatives
To assist with the requirements of your AoA, the DCC REACH team is available to address any questions or concerns regarding our lead chromate products. Thank you for your continued support.
Live Webinar:
The Advantages of DCC Yellow RMXA
Join us for a Live Webinar Change to August 10th/11th, 2017.
Contact Bruce Howie (bhowie@dominioncolour.com) or Mila Khatri (mkhatri@dominioncolour.com) for details and registration.

Please contact your regional sales representative for more information on the products advertised here and any others in our ‘Coating Pigments and Preparations’ range.
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Effendi Wijaya, Technical Sales Representative, Asia (ewijaya@dominioncolour.com)
Hani Sarhan, General Sales Manager, MEA & Canada (hsarhan@dominioncolour.com)
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