Your July Newsletter is Here!

Your July Newsletter is Here!

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July 2018 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


DCC® Lansco is committed to providing high-quality pigments for the coatings, plastics, inks, and dispersions industries.

Highlights from this issue:

  • Tell us how we’re doing!
  • DCC LANSCO Announces Next Steps for Merger
  • Let’s be Smarter about Producing and Recycling Plastics
  • How the hiding power of a pigment create cost savings
  • Upcoming Conferences: Don’t miss the 5K FunRun at RETEC 2018
  • Looking for a colourful career? Join the DCC LANSCO Team!


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SurveyCustomer Satisfaction Survey: Tell us how we’re doing!

To all of our customers and distributors, we would like to sincerely thank you for your business! We value your opinion and encourage you to fill out our 3-minute Customer Satisfaction Survey.


DCC LANSCO Announces Next Steps for Merger

DCC LANSCO is pleased to announce the next major steps being undertaken with the merger of the two companies. Since the 8th April 2018, the combined teams have made significant progress. The next step we are taking is to align our Global Sales and Customer Service teams to continue to provide the excellent service customers need to ensure their success and have come to expect from DCC LANSCO.

Effective 1st July 2018, the combined company’s Sales outside the USA will be managed by Peter Baggen, VP Sales, and all customer orders will be processed by the Customer Service teams in the UK or Canada.

Effective 1st August 2018, the combined company Sales and Customer Service within the USA will be managed by Frank Lavieri, EVP/GM from DCC LANSCO’S offices in New York and Rhode Island. We are excited to announce that Bob Neu and Jon Morrison in Sales and Priyesh Khatri in Customer Service will be joining the DCC LANSCO USA team.

In the coming months we aim to further enhance the customer experience by having local inventory of DCC manufactured goods stocked in the LANSCO USA warehouses and LANSCO products in our European and global distribution warehouses.

We will be contacting you shortly to provide additional information regarding your key Sales and Customer Service contacts. We would like to take this moment to thank you for your business and look forward to continuing to support your color needs.


Let’s be Smarter about Producing and Recycling Plastics

It is no secret that as a society, we are trying to be more environmentally responsible and more sustainable. We’ve seen in the press the large quantities of plastic that is are ending up in our oceans, causing unforeseen trauma to the wildlife inhabiting our seas. This has led to a movement away from single use plastics (ie. straws, cups, etc.). Starbucks has a plan to ditch straws in all stores by 2020 and so do other well-recognized brands. 1 Some countries and regions are even banning single use plastics, which in some cases has caused an uproar because customers want the option to use them if they wish.

RecyclingThere is no argument that reducing consumption of single-use plastics is a good thing, however it might not be the only approach we should be taking. Plastics manufacturers need to consider developing more recyclable plastic (most single-use plastics are not currently recyclable). As manufacturers recognize this and there is more light shed on the topic, we should expect to see a change in the types of polymers being used in single-use plastics. Furthermore, consumers should consider disposing of their plastic waste in a more environmentally friendly manner. If these changes occur, we should be able to use and reuse plastic products in a sustainable way.



How the Hiding Power of a Pigment Creates Cost Savings

Paints are used for a wide range of applications worldwide – aerospace, architectural, industrial, and in specialty markets. Ideally, you would want to achieve a high level of opacity with fewer coatings of paint for most of these markets. Why? Because it is cost effective, whether it is applied on a small or large scale. For example, when painting the interior of a home, you would normally use primer plus two coats of paint. If the paint you’ve selected requires an additional coat (due to poor hiding power), this will cause you to spend significantly more time painting as well as the cost of more cans of paint (house size dependent). On a larger scale, airplanes require a significant amount of paint to complete one coat. Savings are important here not only for time savings and cost of paint, but the effect that the additional weight of one extra coat of paint has on its fuel efficiency. Moral of the story: make sure the paints you’re selling for these markets have optimal hiding power.


Upcoming Conferences:

OCCA Centary Conference 2018 – September 12-13
At this year’s Oil and Colour Chemists Association (OCCA) conference, DCC LANSCO’s Peter Carey-Yard will be presenting a paper on the developments in bismuth vanadate pigments. He is responsible for coordinating the growth of new business for coatings and he has spent the majority of his career in pigment development and technical support for sales, and product/ marketing management.
Stay tuned for the release of the full paper!

RETEC 2018 – September 23-25
Attending RETEC 2018 in Charleston, SC? There are so many exciting events to look forward to!

5k Fun Run

  • On September 24th, we are hosting a breakfast for all registered conference attendees!
  • Don’t miss out on the 5k FunRun on September 25th!
    The first 40 people get a free t-shirt!
  • Last but not least, our Global Technical Service Manager, Nigel Smith, will be presenting on how environmental and regulatory challenges shape the present and our future of the pigments industry. Stay tuned for more information.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Interested in a career at DCC LANSCO?

At DCC LANSCO, we train, trust and empower our employees to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers. We encourage and expect high performance, whether it is in one of our ISO accredited manufacturing facilities, the laboratory or in our offices. Our core values build respect and our employees share a commitment for continuous improvement.
Check out our new careers portal on our website today!



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