DCC Newsletter March 2018

DCC Newsletter March 2018



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March 2018 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


Dominion Colour Corporation is committed to providing high-quality pigments for the coatings, plastics, inks, and dispersions industries. This month, we’ve compiled a few stories that focus on the trends in the pigment market right now.

Highlights from this issue:

  • Challenges of the Pigments Market 2018
  • How to Achieve Value in Use Through Enhanced Dispersibility in Polymers
  • How do Colours Affect Your Mood?
  • How does Rheology Affect the Performance of your Surface Coating?


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Challenges of the Pigments Market 2018

dcc buildingGlobal forecasts of the pigments industry expect to see significant growth over the next few years, however the landscape is changing. Playing a huge role in this are the increases in raw material costs due to a global shortage of supply, as well as environmental regulations. Costs are expected to continue to increase during 2018. This has had a huge impact on the overall supply chain.

As a result, many companies including DCC are having to raise prices. In February, DCC increased prices on several mono azo and dye based organic pigments. Moving into March, we’ve now initiated a price increase for all Bismuth Vanadate (Pigment Yellow 184), Chrome Yellow (Pigment Yellow 34) and Molybdate Orange (Pigment Red 104) pigments that are utilized in the coatings and plastics industries worldwide.

Please contact your DCC® representative for more details.

How to Achieve Greater Value via Improved Dispersibility in Polymers

hand moneyGiven the increase in prices in the pigments market right now, everyone is looking for additional cost savings. One way to do this is to use high-performance pigments that consistently offer outstanding dispersibility. Why? Because these can provide cost savings. When a pigment has excellent dispersibility, this causes a lower pressure rise in the screen pack of the extruder. This translates to more time saved in production due to less downtime changing the extruder screens. If pressure builds in the extruder, a blockage can occur and will need to be replaced. Every time a screen needs to be replaced, it could generate up to 8 hours of manufacturing downtime, costing approximately $8,000*. Selecting a high-performance pigment with established dispersibility properties and low screen pack pressure rise is imperative in order to avoiding extruder downtime.

*calculated based on manufacturing CAD $2/kg gross profit at $500 kg/hr with downtime of 8 hours (costs may vary depending on process used)




How do Colours Affect Your Mood?

While not extensively studied in a theoretical sense, it is undeniable that colours evoke psychological reactions. Warm colours (reds & oranges) often arouse feelings of warmth and comfort while cool colours (blues & greens) tend to have a calming effect. Interestingly, the temperature in a room painted with warm (vs. cool) colours feels warmer, and is recommended for rooms that are hard to heat.i
Green is often considered the colour of Spring, symbolizing nature, growth, health, fertility and optimism.ii colour greenWhen surrounded by green, your body and mind are affected – your pituitary gland is stimulated, muscles are relaxed, and your blood histamine levels increase.iii This translates to a calming, tranquil effect and is considered the most ‘restful colour for the eyes’.iv Because of the positive, calming effect that green has on ones’ mood, it is well suited in almost any room in the house – from the kitchen to the living room.v
Please visit our website to learn more about DCC’s green pigments.
How does Rheology Affect the Performance of your Surface Coatings?
Rheology is defined as the ‘way in which material flows and changes shape under stress’ and is considered one of the most important properties of surface coatings.vi Some of the major factors that can affect rheology include (but are not limited to) the mode of dispersion (milling media and technique), temperature, time, the additive technology incorporated and the coating system used. If these factors are properly accounted for, the surface coating will be easy to apply and have a smooth finish. However, if they are not controlled (ie. too low or high rheology), flocculation can occur.vii For high-end industrial, architectural, automotive, or powder applications, this is less than optimal and could be costly to correct. Make sure you are purchasing high performance pigments that allow you to optimise your rheological behaviour!

Products with Excellent Rheology
There are two pigments that have been engineered for coatings applications to have improved rheological stability compared to the market standards.

DCC® Yellow 7854
DCC Yellow 7854 (Pigment Yellow 154) is a high-performance benzimidazolone yellow pigment with low foaming and enhanced rheology. It is a low foaming grade that supports high mill base loading applications, and is suitable for water and solvent borne coatings systems. Because of its excellent weatherfastness, heat and chemical resistance, it is well suited for architectural, industrial, automotive, and powder coating applications.

Click here to download

DCC® Orange 7336
DCC Orange 7336 (Pigment Orange 36) is a high-performance orange organic pigment with excellent weatherfastness, heat stability, chemical resistance, and dispersibility. This product is well suited for waterborne and solventborne coatings applications where rheological stability is paramount.

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 Contact DCC today to find out more information on high-performance pigments optimized for rheology.


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