May 2018 Newsletter Is Now Here!

May 2018 Newsletter Is Now Here!

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May 2018 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


DCC® Lansco is committed to providing high-quality pigments for the coatings, plastics, inks, and dispersions industries. This month, we’ve compiled a few stories that focus on the trends in the pigment market right now.

Highlights from this issue:

  • DCC Lansco Introduces an Online Custom Colour Matching Tool
  • Why is Colour so Powerful in Marketing?
  • Which Colour should you Paint your Bedroom?
  • How are Bismuth Vanadate Pigments Extending the Boundaries for the Plastics Industry?
  • Conference Highlights from ANTEC & AITIVA 2018
  • Privacy Policy Update


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DCC Lansco Introduces an Online Custom Colour Matching Tool

May imageFinding a specific colour match is imperative in the coatings, plastics and inks industries. The knowledge base gained over so many years in the pigment industry has allowed DCC Lansco to surpass our customers’ requirements. DCC Lansco is excited to announce an expansion of our colour matching capabilities via the creation of our online Custom Colour Matching Service, part of our complete customer service offering. With over 70 years of experience, our highly trained staff are able to match any colour you require by simply inserting your colour and technical specifications. We also offer RAL matching and Brand matching services, and we can help you find alternatives for lead-chromate pigments.
Visit our website or contact your local sales representative for more details!

Why is Colour so Powerful In Marketing?


Colour is around us everywhere we go. Colour is not universal; it is very subjective. However, generally certain colours are able to evoke similar responses. For example, yellow often evokes excitement and draws attention, red is a power colour but can also represent anger or romance, purple and gold represent royalty – colours worn by the Queen and the royal family, blue is calming and peaceful, and green symbolizes nature, growth, health, fertility and optimism.i
Because of the way each colour evokes different emotional responses, colours can influence consumer behaviour and play a huge role in marketing. Colours are also deeply intertwined in brand recognition – it is no surprise that popular brands are easily identified by their colour. Looking at the image below, do you recognize the brand because of the colour?
may image 2Likely you do. This is Coca Cola’s infamous red.
“Colours play a bigger role in your purchasing decisions than you may think, because colours have a secret language. A colour can make you feel a certain way about a company, or it can trigger a specific desire.”

– CBC Radioii

This is certainly true. Laboutin shoes are easily distinguished by the red sole. When worn, these shoes give a sense of power because of the red colour and high-fashion because of their exclusivity and expensive price ($400-4000/shoe!). Tiffany’s infamous “little blue box” gives consumers a feeling of luxury because of how expensive this store is.iii Both brands are highly desired worldwide because of what they represent.
In fact, because of the “meaning” behind certain colours, they are now able to be patented as part of a brand-design as well as part of a registered trademark. iv For example, in 2013, Yves St. Laurent released the same colour sole as Laboutin’s (after the red sole had been patented in 2008), and they immediately sued.v The judge sided with Yves St. Laurent, determining that they can’t own a colour on a shoe. Tiffany’s quickly came to the defense of Laboutin, stating that their “little blue box” means something to their customers, and so do the distinct red sole of these shoes – the sign of luxury and high-fashion. It is important to note that colour patents are only applicable to competing For example Target and Coca Cola, have very similar red colours, however there is not problem because they are not competitors. In the machinery world, John Deere has the rights to the deer symbol, name, and infamous green and yellow colours.vii
may image 3These are just a few examples of the importance of colour in branding. Establishing a colour that matches what your brand wants to convey is evidently extremely important!
As a pigment manufacturer, quality and consistency our number one priority! Our technical service team is highly trained and ensures that colours are properly tested and meet all technical requirements before being released, so that brands like John Deere have the same consistent Green or Yellow colour




Which Colour should you Paint your Bedroom?

may image 4Spring is here and it is time to freshen up your bedroom with a new coat of paint! With thousands of different colours to choose from, how are you supposed to pick just one? While there is no right or wrong colour, there are a couple of ways to determine what colour would suit you best.
1. Select a colour that you find soothing. Before you go to bed, it is always a good idea to calm both your mind and body to achieve the best sleep possible. Colours such as light violets, greens or blues provide a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere, as do earth-tones such as browns and greys. Some of these colours appear more masculine, such as brown, while the light purples and blues can be more feminine. You might also want to consider whether this is your own room or shared with a partner. If it is the latter, select colours that combine both of your personalities. One of the most popular colours used in households today is a “grey-beige” and this is likely because of the neutrality of the colour that appeals to most people.
 2. Consider your personality. What is your decorating style (modern, rustic, eccentric)? Do you like a simple look or a lot of patterns? What colours do you wear on a daily basis? The colour you choose should reflect who you are.
If you like patterns, considering decorating one wall with patterned wallpaper! Using pillows and throws, you can add more patterns to the room without overwhelming it. Feeling bold? Don’t be afraid to use dark colours! Try painting an accent wall a navy blue, deep green or dark grey to make the rest of the room pop! Make sure to balance the room with lighter bedding colours and decorations. Looking for something more romantic? A deep, rich red colour can deliver this. Vibrant colours such as bright reds and yellows evoke excitement and energy, but don’t expect to get much sleep!
Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to feel in your bedroom. Happy painting!

may image 3We have a wide range of pigments for interior coating applications, available in almost every colour imaginable. Contact your local sales representative or visit or for more information.

How are Bismuth Vanadate Pigments Extending the Boundaries for the Plastics industry?

Cristina Zanzottera PhD, Inorganic Product Manager, DCC
Harry Hamers PhD, Technical Service Manager, DCC
Bruce Howie PhD, Manager – Global Product Marketing Manager, DCC
Bismuth Vanadate (BV) pigments (C.I. Pigment Yellow 184) have increased in importance as their field of application has grown since their initial development in the 1980’s for use in the paints, coatings and plastics markets. They represent a captivating class of pigments, which extend beyond the familiar range of yellow inorganic pigments (iron oxide yellow, lead chrome yellow, chromium titanate yellow, cadmium yellow and nickel titanate yellow).
may image 5 These bright yellow, highly saturated pigments are characterized by their outstanding opacity/hiding power, chemical resistance, excellent weathering and durability. They are also excellent candidates as alternatives to the green shades of the lead chromate based and cadmium sulphide pigments.
Innovation has expanded the use of this chemistry, particularly in plastics applications. BV brings added value compared with other popular chemistries, as it is now being used not only in polyolefins, but also in engineering plastics.

Click here to read the whole article


may image 6

ANTEC was hosted by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) from May 7-10. It is the largest, most prominent technical conference in the plastics industry.
Dr. Cristina Zanzottera (Product Manager at DCC) presented the aforementioned article on ‘Expanding the Boundaries of Bismuth Vanadate Pigments for Plastics’ at the ANTEC 2018 conference.
See below for conference highlights!

may image 7

Day 1: Beautiful day in Orlando, Florida!

may image 8

Day 2: Jon Morrison (left) & Hani Sarhan (right)- North American Sales




AITIVA (Italian Association of Industrial Paints Technicians) is a technical-scientific association with the aim of promoting the scientific culture through the paint/coatings industry. For the last 65 years AITIVA has been organizing congresses, meetings, round tables and training courses to allow for networking opportunities for those concerned with the production of paints, printing inks, varnishes, and similar products.
This year’s AITIVA meeting was held on May 24th, 2018. We attended this conference with our distributor, Garzanti. See below for conference highlights!

may image 9

Dr. Cristina Zanzottera (Product Manager, DCC) & Dr. Fabrizio Guerci (Italian Distributor – Product Manager, Garzanti)

april image 10

Dr. Zanzoterra speaking on our new range of super alkali fast BV pigments: Yellow 3GMX, 2GTAA, & RMXA.



Updated Data Protection Laws – Europe

As you may already know, the EU data protection laws have changed. We’ve updated our privacy policy to comply with these new regulations. You can read the full text of our Privacy Policy here.


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