DCC Newsletter November 2017

DCC Newsletter November 2017


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November 2017 Newsletter • Your Idea. Our Solution.™


Dominion Colour Corporation (DCC®) is a leader in colour pigment solutions and preparations for the coatings, plastics and specialty ink industries worldwide. DCC® offers a broad product portfolio focused on high performance inorganic and organic pigments, pigment preparations and dispersions, as well as some specialty coatings and digital inks. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, DCC has world class manufacturing facilities in Canada and the Netherlands as well as technical sales offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia to enable close collaboration with customers. Through the unstinting efforts of our employees and partners, DCC strives to excel in fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers in over 75 countries by consistently supplying quality products and services to customers in the plastics, coatings, printing ink, paper and artists colour industries.


Dominion Colour Corporation Announces Corporate Re-branding

DCC has officially completed its corporate re-branding. DCC is pleased to announce the launch of our new corporate website, corporate video, and social media platforms. We are also excited to consolidate our product portfolio through the integration of DCC UK (formerly Gemini Dispersions) and the DCC Monteith site.

The new website is more user-friendly and suitable for mobile devices, making it easier for customers to browse company and product information. Moving forward, the option to request samples, order pigments and match a colour online will be made available. Our corporate video is featured on this website, highlighting the company’s broad product range and presence on an international scale. “Your Idea. Our Solution.” is the new tagline, reflecting our customer-centric and adaptive nature.

“At DCC, we earn your trust by bringing your ideas to life. We achieve that goal by providing a vibrant and dynamic range of products that is backed by our technical expertise and our commitment to Dr.Mark Vincentservice excellence and continuous improvement.  From product selection to new product development, from trials to manufacturing, we support our customers every step of the way.  If we do not already have the solution you need, we will work with you to create one.” – Mark Vincent, CEO

Visit www.dominioncolour.com to begin exploring our new and improved website and subscribe to our email communications today. You can also connect with Dominion Colour Corporation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These outlets provide relevant  and exciting news for the plastics, coatings, inks, and dispersions industries.




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Featured Product: DCC Blue A2RU



DCC® Blue A2RU is part of a new generation of Indanthrone Blue pigments from DCC®, which can be applied universally in both waterborne and solventborne high performance coatings systems and specialty ink applications such as pool liners, laminates, cell phone coatings, etc. where chemical resistance to bleaches & other reagents is required.



• Engineered to be brighter & more intense, especially in special effect metallic finishes
Reduced red shade flop in solvent and waterborne automotive coatings systems due to very high chroma and lower rheology, increased transparency, and greener shade (see Table 1 for colour comparison against A3RN)
Enhanced durability – outstanding light & weatherfastness, resistance to heat, and chemicals making it suitable for use in the highest performance coating and ink applications
Cost effective vs. other indanthrone blues (see Table 2 for a competitive comparison).

Nov table 1


Table 2 November



What does this mean for the end user?
• DCC Blue A2RU’s higher tinting strength offers customers a brighter, more intense shade with reduced red shade flop, and increased value in use since customers need less pigment to obtain similar colour strength to competitive grades.


“The Chase” – DCC Customer Service Award Winners
DCC has taken on a new initiative to provide outstanding service to our customers, called “The Chase” program. This exceptional service involves calling each customer to ensure their needs are met. “The Chase” program started on July 24th, 2017 and has provided some invaluable information to the customer service
team which in turn is passed on to the sales team. In appreciation of all the hard work and dedication by the Customer Service department, DCC has initiated an award program to reward Customer Service representatives for the most orders received and most contacts made at the end of every quarter.


winners november




Conferences – 2017/2018

China Coat 2017 (November)
DCC members attended the China Coat conference in Shanghai (November 15-17). This annual meeting allows exhibitors like DCC to display new products and technologies and to stay updated on the latest industry trends. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth!

MPMA 2017 Green Forum (November)
The Malaysian Paint Manufacturers Association Green Forum was held on November 21st (9:00 am – 5:00 pm). The DCC team will be participating in this forum to discuss the move towards lead-free paint.

AMI Thermoplastics 2018 (January)
DCC staff will be attending the 21st annual AMI Thermoplastics meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (January 23-25). This conference provides a platform for discussing and debating key issues in the plastics industry between an international panel of speakers and delegates.
Please contact sales@dominioncolour.com to meet with a DCC representative at any of the listed conferences. We look forward to meeting with you!


New DCC® Employees
DCC is pleased to have successfully integrated DCC UK (formerly Gemini Dispersions) and the DCC Monteith site. We would like to formally welcome the staff from these branches into the DCC Community!
We would also like to provide a warm welcome to each of the following new DCC employees!

 Khadija Deshmukh

Khadija Deshmukh started working at DCC as Accounts Payable Supervisor, effective October 26th, 2017. Khadija will report to Rachel Pekar and will be located at Consumers Road. She will be responsible for the entire AP Operations, will contribute to the development of improved systems around the AP process, and will provide relevant service and information to AP stakeholders.





Anantha Narayanan

Anantha Narayanan 
has joined DCC as Senior Financial Analyst. He will report to Rachel Pekar, and will be responsible for developing the reporting and analysis that will allow the business, managers and employees to make more informed decisions. He will also contribute significantly to our planned business system enhancement projects and facilitating the growth objectives of the company.






Karen Johnston

Karen Johnston has been appointed to the position of Controller. She will report toRachel Pekar at Consumers Road. Her responsibilities include: Operational Accounting, Cost Accounting, Tax & Compliance, as well as overseeing Treasury, Accounts Payable, and Payroll. 






Blain Weichel

Blain Weichel
 joined DCC as Distribution Centre Supervisor in late October. He will report to Dan Ramadhar and will be located at the Ajax Distribution Centre. Blain will be responsible for the day to day operations of Distribution Centre, including accountability for maintaining and operating the warehouse in a safe, efficient, and economical manner and ensuring packaging and labelling conform to all relevant legislation.





Joseph Olejarz


Joseph Olejarz has been hired as the Ajax Site Manager and will report to Probyn Forbes. He will be responsible for the overall management, direction and coordination of Ajax site activities and plant operations, including EHS, quality control and pigment production. He will also be charged with implementing best practices for product and
manufacturing specifications, in addition to implementing key metrics to measure manufacturing capabilities. His overall objectives are to improve site safety, efficiency and overall profitability.


DCC “People on the Move”
We are pleased to announce several promotions and personnel changes that have occurred over the last month at DCC!


Jon Rymer

Jon Rymer
 has been appointed to the position of Vice-President Strategic Business Development. Jon has been integral to Gemini’s growth and success since he joined seven years ago as the Managing Director. He will report to Mark Vincent and will be responsible for initiating and successfully championing strategic initiatives across the global DCC organization, with the ultimate objectives of business growth and sustained profitability.





Karen White

Karen White
 has been promoted to the position of Procurement Manager, Canada. She will report to Probyn Forbes and will be located at New Toronto. She will be responsible for Canadian purchases and specialty organic materials for pigments globally. Karen has been an invaluable member of DCC’sprocurement team for over 35 years, and her knowledge will ensure that DCC receives timely delivery of quality materials at a competitive price.






Portia Cao

Portia Cao has been appointed to the position of Purchasing Agent for the Outsource/Resale department. She will report to Dave Campbell and be responsible for purchasing and inventory management activities ofoutsourced products, resaleproducts and selected raw materials. Portia joined DCC in 2003 as Accounts Payable/Office Coordinator and was later promoted to Senior Financial Analyst in 2006.






Suzanne Letrondo

Suzanne Letrondo
 has been appointed as Technical Sales Representative Specialty Coatings. Suzanne will be undertaking a newly created role at Monteith and will be leading the growth of this important business segment. Suzanne’s strong technical background from years in the lab, combined with her professional sales experience and friendly personality, make her well suited for this demanding position. She will report directly to Bruce Clatworthy.






Katie Warburton

Katie Warburton has been promoted to Customer Service Manager for Europe. She will continue to report to Dan Ramadhar and will be located in Rossendale (UK). For the last 8 years Katie has managed the Customer Service team in Wilmslow, and her role will now include supervising the customer service teams in Rossendale as well. She was instrumental in bringing freight services on board with DCC, resulting in freight savings and most recently has been selected to join the ISO audit team to ensure our high level of customer service standards are maintained.
Your Sales Representatives
Please contact your regional sales representative for more information on the products advertised here or any others in our product range.

North America:
Paul Locke, General Sales Manager, North America (plocke@dominioncolour.com)
Paul Holder, Technical Sales Representative (pholder@dominioncolour.com)
Suzanne Letrondo, Sales Representative, NA (sletrondo@dominioncolour.com)
Bob Neu, Business Development Manager, NA (bneu@dominioncolour.com)
Mike Guzzo, Key Account Manager, Inks (mguzzo@dominioncolour.com)
Jon Morrison, Distributor Sales Manager & Sales Representative (jmorrison@dominioncolour.com)
Snezana Milanovich, Technical Sales Representative (smilanovich@dominioncolour.com)

George Hughes, Integration Manager, Europe (ghughes@dominioncolour.com.uk)
Peter Baggen, Vice President Sales (pbaggen@dominioncolour.nl)
Jon Rymer, Vice-President Strategic Business Development (j.rymer@geminidispersions.com)
Andy Fenlon, Sales Manager, UK/Eastern Europe (afenlon@dominioncolour.co.uk)
Dominique Galy, Sales Manager, France, Spain & Portugal (dgaly@dominioncolour.co.uk)
Bruno Krato, Sales Manager, DACH Region (bkrato@dominioncolour.co.uk)
Lieven Vandenberghe, European Coatings Industry, Coordination Manager (lvandenberghe@dominioncolour.co.uk)
Matthew Brooks, DCC UK, European Sales Manager (m.brooks@geminidispersions.com)
Jack Eaton, DCC UK, Technical Sales Representative (UK & Ireland) (j.eaton@geminidispersions.com)
Prakash Naik, DCC UK, Head of Technical (p.naik@geminidispersions.com)
Julian Ling, DCC UK, Product Manager – Digital Inks (j.ling@geminidispersions.com)

Asia Pacific:
Patrick Chan, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific & LATAM (pchan@dominioncolour.com)
Effendi Wijaya, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (ewijaya@dominioncolour.com)
Yvonne Chang, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (yvchang@dominioncolour.com)

Hani Sarhan, General Sales Manager, MEA & Canada (hsarhan@dominioncolour.com)
Haytham Sayed, Business Development – Middle East & Africa (h.sayed@geminidispersions.com)

Latin America:
Julia Guerinoni, Regional Sales Manager, North Latin America & Caribbean (jguerinoni@dominioncolour.com)
Zully Villalobos, Technical Sales Manager, Latin America (zvillalobos@dominioncolour.com
Our Vision is to provide Colour to the World with a reputation for Consistent Quality Excellence
Our Purpose is to fulfill the needs of our Customers, and to thereby create Opportunities for Employees,
our Owner, the Community and other Stakeholders to Prosper
We Treat and Respond to one another with Honesty, Integrity, Dignity and Respect.
We Strive to Excel in fulfilling the needs and expectations of our Customers, both Internal and External.
We Expect and Support Quality and Excellence in Everything We Do
We Expect and Support Safety and Protection of the Environment
We Practice Open Lines of Communication and Respect one another’s Point of View

Do you have news worth sharing?
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