Proper Selection of High-Performance Pigments for Coatings Applications

Proper Selection of High-Performance Pigments for Coatings Applications

Join us to learn about Proper Selection of High-Performance Pigments for Coatings Applications!

August 12, 2020 9:00 AM EST!

Having issues such as gelling, fading, flocculation with pigments in your formulation? We can assist you!

Pigments are designed and produced to be insoluble particles used to impart color in a variety of materials. The diverse range of pigment chemistries, the end use requirements, can create a challenging situation for chemists in selecting the optimal pigment or additive for a given application.  The proper pigment or additive selection is critical in determining the performance of the finished coating, and the efficiency during the production processing. Understanding the different pigment types, properties and chemical families will help the formulator select the most effective High-performance pigment chemistry and manufacturing processing thus avoiding potential problems with the final coating and applications.

This webinar will be presented by Jadel Baptista (Technical Director, USA). Jadel has 29 years of experience leading global, cross-functional technical teams towards development of new technologies from discovery to its introduction in the market. Jadel has worked specifically in research & development of polymers, coatings and colorants, and technical service for coatings and pigments. His experience has been equally balanced in the areas of polymeric materials, industrial/architectural coatings, colorants, and pigments. His contribution to the coatings industry is evidenced by multiple publications on technical journals, presentations and one granted patent in the US and Europe. Jadel has also held a position as titular professor for nearly six years at Padre Anchieta University’s associate degree program in chemistry, teaching organic/inorganic chemistries, and coatings technology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at PUCCAMP-Brazil and has completed graduate level coursework in Polymer Chemical Engineering.

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