Webinar: Pigment Selection for Injection Molding Applications

Webinar: Pigment Selection for Injection Molding Applications

Join us to Learn How to select a Pigment for Injection Molding applications!

November 4th, 2020, 9:00 AM EST

Want to delve into a colorful overview of which pigments are suitable for injection molding, including how to select the right ones and why? This webinar will also highlight the effects of heat stability and warpage on the end product, due to the pigment choice. Panelists who will also be able to provide insight on the topic include Frank Lavieri, Curtis Ross, and Nigel Smith.

This webinar will be presented by Lucy Gibbons, DCL’s Field Chemist. She holds a Bachelors degree in Applied Chemistry, specializing in color chemistry from the University of Leeds, UK. During her 11 years with DCL, she has gained an extensive background in pigments for plastics, coatings, and ink applications, from working in the lab and directly with customers around the world.

Lucy has put together a short sneak-peek video for all of you interested in how to select pigments for injection molding application. Click on the video below to hear what she has to say!