Which Bismuth Vanadate Pigments should be used for Plastics?

Which Bismuth Vanadate Pigments should be used for Plastics?

Bismuth Vanadate pigments have been incorporated into plastics since their inception over 35 years ago. They provide outstanding heat-fastness, light-fastness and chemical resistance across all colour depths, and are exceptional products for low warping applications. Coupled with their clean chromatic greenish yellow shade and exceptional hiding power, they are an excellent choice for many plastic applications. With products suitable for use in PVC – both rigid and flexible, polyolefins, and engineering polymers such as polyamide, polyester, styrenics and EPL the product range provides coloring solutions for most plastic applications. These properties make DCC LANSCO® Yellow Bismuth Vanadate pigments the ideal alternative for difficult to replace lead chrome pigments.

For rigid and flexible PVC and polyolefins. Cleanliness of shade and optimum tinting strength is provided by DCC Yellow 2GLMA. With zero tendency to migrate and with heat-fastness to 275°C it is stable in PVC and all olefins including HDPE and polypropylene. Excellent opacity and non-warping characteristics make it eminently suitable for extruded products with highly chromatic colors. The outstanding weather/light-fastness of DCC Yellow 2GLMA, even in pale tints make it the ideal choice for durable goods such as PVC siding and garden furniture. To extend the available shade gamut, DCC Yellow 3RLM (lemon shade yellow) and DCC Yellow 5RLM (medium shade yellow) are also recommended.

For Engineering Resins. DCC Yellow 2GTS, combines improved strength, chroma and cleanliness of shade with heat stability to 320°C. Like DCC Yellow 2GTM, which has been the reference standard for engineering plastics for many years, it can be shaded with CICP’s (Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments) and organic pigments. DCC Yellow 2GTS is suitable for use in most engineering plastics, including polyamide, polyester, styrenics and EPL.

Boric Acid Free, DCC Yellow 2GTI is the first of a new generation of DCC Bismuth Vanadate pigments that is especially designed for polyamide and engineering plastics that keeps its clean green shade even when processed at high temperatures.

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