Webinar: Why use Bismuth Vanadate Pigments for Plastics?

Webinar: Why use Bismuth Vanadate Pigments for Plastics?


Bismuth Vanadate (BV), Pigment Yellow 184 (PY.184) was introduced as an inorganic pigment in the mid 1980’s.  Its usage and value have grown, however, PY.184 is often overlooked as a potential candidate when a high-performance yellow is needed.  DCL has a full range of BV’s for coatings, plastics, and ink applications.   We will share information and data that demonstrates why PY.184 may not only be a good high-performance yellow option, but the best option!

Who is presenting?

Mark Freshwater, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing (Eastern USA and Canada), DCL Corporation

Mark has had the pleasure of working his entire 34-year career in the pigment industry.  He joined Hoechst upon graduation from Slippery Rock University and had the privilege of spending two of my ten years at Hoechst working at the world headquarters in Frankfurt Germany.  In 1997, Mark joined LANSCO COLORS, now DCL corporation, and continues to enjoy all that the pigment industry has to offer.

Panelists who will be available for Q&A during this webinar include: Harry Hamers (Technical Service Manager, Maastricht), Bruce Howie (Global Product Marketing Manager), and Nigel Smith (Product Manager Dispersions & EMEA Technical Service Manager).


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