Your April Newsletter is Now Available!

Your April Newsletter is Now Available!

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April 2022 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • Highlights from ACS 2022
  • Bismuth Vanadate & Indanthrone Blue Manufacturing Expansion
  • ERP News: Migration of Legacy DCC Business to New ERP System
  • ERP News: Update on Product Codes
  • DCL’s Signs are Complete at Bushy Park Site
  • Upcoming Webinars

Highlights from the ACS 2022!

After months of planning, the ACS has come and gone!

This year’s ACS was a success; it was great to get together as a team once again, as well as network with others in the industry!


Here are some of the highlights from the show:

  • We kicked off the ACS with a sales training session and team dinner on Monday. This was a great chance for our Americas team to reunite and learn about our newest product range.
  • Our booth featured our broad portfolio, including our newest product range of Perylenes & Quinacridones produced at our newly acquired Bushy Park, South Carolina manufacturing site. This new range was showcased by our display of automotive frogs shown here! We also had a panel display, showing our key workhorse products across the color spectrum.
  • We hosted a networking session on Wednesday from 3-5 PM, which was well attended!
  • The winner of our contest, a $200 Amazon gift card, is Matthew Pratt from Red Spot! Congratulations!

See below for more photos from ACS 2022!

Bismuth Vanadate & Indanthrone Blue Manufacturing Expansion

DCL is pleased to announce that we have initiated a major capital investment project to expand the Bismuth Vanadate manufacturing capacity at our Maastricht, Netherlands location.   This investment will increase capacity by over 20%, and it is expected to be operational in early 2023.  DCL is committed to supporting the growing needs of our customers with the highest quality and broadest portfolio of Bismuth Vanadate pigments in the market.    

Bismuth Vanadate pigments provide exceptional hiding properties and durability for automotive, decorative, and industrial coatings as well as used in the most demanding plastics applications.

This Bismuth Vanadate capacity expansion is in addition to our recently completed investment and startup of the manufacturing of Indanthrone Blue pigments, also at our Maastricht, Netherlands site.  Indanthrone Blue is a high-performance pigment that is valued for the coloration of synthetic fibers and engineering resins due to its high heat stability and lightfastness.  Color formulators utilize Indanthrone Blue for its chromatic red shade in a variety of automotive and high-performance industrial coatings due to its transparency, neutral flop and exceptional outdoor durability.

Magen Buterbaugh, Chief Commercial Officer noted “these capacity expansions show DCL’s commitment to further support our customer’s growth with these value-added pigments.”

ERP News: Migration of Legacy DCC Business to New ERP System

The following update does NOT apply to the legal entity representing Bushy Park Products (ie. DCL Corporation (BP), LLC).   

On September 1, 2021, DCL migrated the legacy LANSCO (US) business to our new ERP Platform, INFOR M3.  We are now implementing Phase II of this implementation with the migration of the legacy DCC business to our new ERP system on July 1, 2022.   We will also undergo a corporate restructuring which will impact the name of our company customers see on our invoices and where remittances are made. 

All future POs for product shipped after July 1st should be issued to DCL Corporation (USA), LLC.  Invoices for shipments confirmed from July 1st forward will be issued by DCL Corporation (USA), LLC

Payments for invoices confirmed after July 1st are required to be remitted to DCL Corporation (USA), LLC.

Note that existing payment terms and other relevant account details will remain unchanged.  We will no longer invoice or collect payments to DCL Corporation (the headquarter legal entity) which issues invoices and collected remittances prior.

This change will require you to set up DCL Corporation (USA), LLC as the legal entity for submitting your POs, receiving invoices, etc.  Please ensure to update your records in a timely manner to avoid any delays in processing.  The following is the required information to complete the set up in your system.

Company Details

DCL Corporation (USA), LLC

1 Concorde Gate, Suite 608

Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

M3C 3N6

We will communicate changes to our banking instructions and VAT/HST numbers well ahead of this change. 

Again, There are no changes to the legal entity servicing the former Sun Chemical products provided from Bushy Park under our legal entity DCL CORPORATION BP LLC which continues to bill and invoice as a standalone company.

ERP News: New Product Codes

What follows is an overview of the changes to our product codes that are being made to both communicate information about the packaging of the product and to unify the multiple product coding systems which have arisen due to the merger of our different companies.  We will also introduce new Item Number designations which are six-digit numbers that will appear on Order Confirmation, Invoices and other paperwork.  This transition of product codes does not apply to our DCL Corporation (BP), LLC legal entity which services the Bushy Park business and products.  Those codes are not changing.

Examples: As you can see in the table, our new product codes are a relatively small change from the current ones but an important improvement in communication.   For example our 1225 still has these same numbers in the new product code but DC20 has been added as a suffix to communicate the packaging (20 kg bag with a plastic liner).  Our 06-905 is now 06-905-DP20 to communicate this product is packaged in a 20 kg all paper bag. There are a number of customers who have specific packaging requirements or questions about packaging and these new product codes will quickly communicate package construction (C if plastic is present in the bag), standard package size (the default is kg but an L is used to designate a package with a standard weight in pounds) and if the labeling complies with unique European requirements (designated with E). Customers who have given us their specific internal codes for our products will see these printed on our Order Confirmation.

New Product Code/Name

Old Product Code

Product Package                           

New Item Number         

Product Description



20 kg all paper bag





25 kg bag (plastic) with European labeling



2094-DP25 bag


25 kg all paper bag





20 kg bag with a plastic liner





50 lb bag with plastic liner



RED AX101-DD30

GemSperse Red AX 101

30 kg keg




DCL’s Signs are Complete at Bushy Park Site

We are pleased to announce that the signs at our Bushy Park site have been transitioned to the DCL branding. This completes our re-branding of the site!

Upcoming Webinar: Sneak-Peek of RAL Shades

Is penny wise, pound foolish? Cost-in-use RAL shade matching for an industrial application

Presented by: Nigel Smith (Product Manager Dispersions & EMEA Technical Service) & Zeki Acar (Application Specialist/Business Development, Coatings)

Date: May 11, 2022 (9:00 AM EST)

Click on the video below to hear from Nigel Smith!

Click here to register!


Also coming up this Summer
Red Notice: Do you want the most inspiring reds? DCL’s Perylenes can be your solution!

**Re-scheduled**: If you have already registered for this webinar, you will receive an email with an updated calendar invite.

Presented by: Martin Georg Baier (Technical Key Account Manager Automotive Coatings in Sales)

Date: September 21, 2022 (9:00 AM EST) (rescheduled from June 22, 2022)

DCL presents how high-transparent, mega-vivid and ultra-chromatic reds can been achieved in coatings for automotive and plastics as well as in Fibers and Digital Inks. Technical panelists will include Scott Heitzman and Nigel Smith.

Click here to register!


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