Your August Newsletter is Now Available!

Your August Newsletter is Now Available!

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August 2020 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make


Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • DCL Legal Entity Name Change is Complete
  • Looking for a Bismuth Vanadate? We offer the Strongest, Most Easy to Disperse, Stir-in, and most Alkaline Stable pigments in the market!
  • SPE CAD RETEC 2020 has gone Virtual!
  • Did you miss our webinar on Maximizing a Coatings Performance and Processing Efficiency with Proper Raw Material Selection?
  • COVID-19 Update

DCL Legal Entity Name Change is Complete

DCL has legally changed our name in jurisdictions around the globe and will be implementing the change effective September 1, 2020.

What does this mean to our customers?

Your future invoices will reflect the new legal entity name per the table below based upon where your invoicing is generated from. Please update your vendor records to reflect the new legal name of your DCL supplier and confirm that your payments are referencing the same entity as shown on your invoices.

      2. New W9 form is available for US Customers, updated to reflect our new name. Click here to request this form.


What is not changing?

1. Only our formal name will change!

2. We are not changing our Federal EIN number or any other identification numbers, etc.

3. No other information is changing related to our account, including billing address and our respective banking details

4. Product codes will not be changing at this time

Please contact your customer service or sales representative if you have any specific questions for us! For general inquiries, please reply to this email or contact us at

Looking for a Bismuth Vanadate?

We offer the Strongest, Most Easy to Disperse, Stir-in, and most Alkaline Stable pigments in the market!

Yellow RMXS: Strongest in the Market

  • Bright, red shade Bismuth Vanadate (BV)
  • Highest color strength Bismuth Vanadate in the market
  • Faster dispersion
  • Outstanding hiding power
  • Maximum value in use
  • Recommended for high-end coatings applications

Yellow 4GMX: Strongest Green Shade

  • Strongest green-shade BV
  • Very good durability properties
  • Maximum value in use
  • Suitable for industrial and decorative paint applications.

Yellow 3GMX: Easy to Disperse

  • Easiest to disperse BV (almoststir-in)
  • Slightly redder shade than 4GMX
  • Very strong and clean 
  • Maximum value in use
  • Used primarily for industrial and decorative paint

Yellow 3GMX-SI: Stir-In

  • Tired of grinding your BV? This grade might be perfect for you!
  • 50% more color strength than conventional BVs
  • Superb Weatherfastness
  • Significant savings in manufacturing due to ease of dispersion (Maximum value in use)
  • Recommended for industrial coatings applications

Yellow 3GMXA: Most Alkaline Stable

  • Global benchmark for alkaline resistant BV Pigment, along with 2GTAA and RMXA
  • Cost-effective grade
  • Exceptionally high color strength

The annual CAD RETEC 2020 is taking place this September 21-23, virtually!

We have some sponsored activities that we would love for you to participate in, such as:

  • 14th Annual 5K Virtual Fun Run
  • Technical Session: Increasing Pigment Black Jetness with Color Pigment Blending
  • Presentation: New North American Organic Pigment Production Update

What follows is a summary of these events!

14th Annual 5K Virtual Fun Run

This year the annual 5K Fun Run is going virtual! Register and run (or walk) your distance around your neighborhood, on your treadmill, or anywhere you can physically distance. You can register through the CAD RETEC Website!

Please submit your time and/or photo of yourself completing the run by Monday, September 21st at 7:00 PM so that we can share the photos during the virtual lunch break on Tuesday, September 22nd.

Use a fitness tracker or your cell phone to track your time and distance. Prizes (two $50 Amazon gift cards) will be awarded for the fastest and most colorful runner, so make sure to share your time and/or a photo on Facebook (tag @DCLCorporation2020)

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Presentation: Increasing Pigment Black Jetness with Color Pigment Blending

Curtis Ross & Shemika Nwaubani – DCL Corporation

Monday, September 21
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

Carbon black is one of the oldest manufactured materials. It is a soft, fine, black powder, dating back to our prehistoric ancestors, who utilized black pigment from soot. Carbon black is still used for various aspects of modern life. It can be found in inkjet printer ink, natural and synthetic rubber, used as a filtration material and in coatings, plastic and paint applications. From a coloristic perspective it is hard to quantify black using conventional L*a*b* parameters and so three specific metrics have been developed to quantify the color quality of black. This includes Blackness [My], Jetness[Mc] and Undertone[dM]. It is often assumed that black is only one shade, but in fact there are many shades of black and good coloristic control of them is key in the manufacturing industry.  Manipulation of the shade and depth of black is important to achieve the “blacker than black” shades often desirable in paint and plastic items. This paper will focus on the manipulation of jetness and shade of carbon black using different color pigments.  Jetness is the color dependent black value, developed by K. Lippok-Lohmer, which is a complex function of surface area, primary particle size and degree of dispersion. The smaller the particle size correlates to a higher degree of jetness.

The purpose of this study is to determine if the addition of secondary color pigments will increase the maximum jetness of a black pigment. The paper will begin by investigating the optimum loading of carbon black to achieve the maximum jetness. This will be conducted by dispersing pigment samples in LDPE at increasing intervals of 0.1% and analyzing the resulting color data.  Once the optimum loading of each carbon black sample is determined, the incremental addition of secondary color pigments i.e. Pigment Blue 60, Pigment Blue 15:3, Pigment Green 7, Pigment Red 179 and Pigment Violet 29 will be investigated, in order to determine the affect they have on the initial jetness, blackness and undertone.  The difference between the hue of the color pigments used will also be investigated to understand whether a blue shade black appears “blacker” than a red shade black.


Learn more about this presentation by clicking here!

Presentation: New North American Organic Pigment Production Update

Presented by: Frank Lavieri

Over the last two years, we have invested heavily in the future of our company. We built an Organics line at our Ajax facility, which will significantly increase our manufactured organics capacity and increase our ability to service our customers around the world.

Key Benefits of this Expansion

  • Manufacture close to North American Customers
    • Improved Availability / Shorter Lead Times
    • Greater Flexibility / Quicker Response
  • Increase Capacity to meet Growing Global Demand
  • Sustainability (Low Carbon Footprint)
  • New Technology
  • Tailored Products
  • FDA Approved Products
  • Long-term Commitment to Customers

Key Plastics Products made in New Production Unit

Color Index

Product Code




For Plastic Films and bottles



For Films and medium temperature Injection molding



Industry standard shade.



Similar to 2183-A, 8% stronger



Industry standard shade, 10% stronger



Industry standard shade and strength. Low Filter Value.


Please contact us if you would like to order a sample!

Did you miss our webinar on Maximizing a Coatings Performance and Processing Efficiency with Proper Raw Material Selection?

No problem – you can watch the recorded session here!

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We will also host two other live sessions for the Asia-Pacific and European regions.

Dates to be announced – stay tuned!

COVID-19 Update

As a global supplier of color pigments and dispersions, we continue to actively monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been deemed essential in all areas in which we operate, and continue operating in that capacity, even where lockdown measures have been reimplemented. All our manufacturing plants remain operational, which they have done throughout the pandemic.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees while working towards mitigating any possible impact to the supply chain. We are dedicated to supporting you and your business in the best way possible throughout this challenging situation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions. Thank you for your continued business with DCL Corporation.


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