Your December Newsletter is Now Available!

Your December Newsletter is Now Available!

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December 2022 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about our Year in Review:

  • Bismuth Vanadate & Indanthrone Blue Manufacturing Expansion
  • Conferences & Trade Shows in 2022
  • Webinars in 2022
  • Launch of New Literature
  • New Products:
    • DCL-2938: Naphthol Red
    • DCL-PY.169-02: Red Shade Yellow for Plastics
  • Sustainability at DCL
  • ERP Update

Bismuth Vanadate & Indanthrone Blue Manufacturing Expansion

January 2022 – DCL initiated a major capital investment project to expand the Bismuth Vanadate manufacturing capacity at our Maastricht, Netherlands location.   This investment will increase capacity by over 20%, and it is expected to be operational in early 2023.  DCL is committed to supporting the growing needs of our customers with the highest quality and broadest portfolio of Bismuth Vanadate pigments in the market.    

Bismuth Vanadate pigments provide exceptional hiding properties and durability for automotive, decorative, and industrial coatings as well as used in the most demanding plastics applications.

This Bismuth Vanadate capacity expansion is in addition to our recently completed investment and startup of the manufacturing of Indanthrone Blue pigments, also at our Maastricht, Netherlands site.  Indanthrone Blue is a high-performance pigment that is valued for the coloration of synthetic fibers and engineering resins due to its high heat stability and lightfastness.  Color formulators utilize Indanthrone Blue for its chromatic red shade in a variety of automotive and high-performance industrial coatings due to its transparency, neutral flop and exceptional outdoor durability.

Conferences & Shows in 2022

AMI Thermoplastics 2022 (Florida, January 25-27)

DCL attended this year’s AMI Thermoplastics conference at the Renaissance World Golf Village Resort, in St Augustine, Florida. It was the 25th event that brings together high-level executives from across the global supply chain, including major concentrate production companies.

ACS 2022 (Indianapolis, April 5-7)

This year’s ACS was a success; it was great to get together as a team once again, as well as network with others in the industry!

Middle East Coatings Show (Dubai, June 14-16)
Abrafati Show (Brazil, June 21-23)
SPE CAD RETEC (Orlando, September 12-14)

At the annual SPE CAD RETEC, we hosted our annual breakfast as well as Fun Run. We had 23 runners participate, raising $1,150 for the Orlando Habitat for Humanity. The SPE CAD RETEC met each dollar raised, and a cheque was presented by Frank Lavieri to the HFH at the closing ceremonies.

Paint and Coatings Show (Milan, October 25-26)

DCL’s Zeki Acar, Application Specialist and Business Development Manager, presented on RAL Colours at the Paint & Coatings Conference in Milan, October 25-26, 2022. In this lecture the pigmentation possibilities of the RAL colours 1023 Traffic Yellow, 2004 Traffic Orange, 3020 Traffic Red was shown, also using a classic lead pigmentation as a reference. For industrial applications, different pigments and pigmentations will be compared in terms of material costs, opacity and long-term outdoor durability to show the long-term costs of colour maintenance.


Cost-in-use RAL Shade Matching for Industrial Applications

May 11st, 2022

This webinar was presented by Nigel Smith (Product Manager Dispersions & EMEA Technical Service) & Zeki Acar (Application Specialist/Business Development, Coatings).

You can watch it by clicking here.

Perylene Pigments for Automotive and Plastics

September 21st, 2022

DCL’s Martin Georg Baier presented on how high-transparent, mega-vivid and ultra-chromatic reds can been achieved in coatings for automotive and plastics.

If you missed this webinar, you are in luck! You can watch it by clicking here.

Launch of New Literature

The European Pigment directory was updated in September 2021 (in anticipation of the European Coatings Show that was cancelled). It will be updated for the upcoming ECS 2023, stay tuned!

The North American Literature was updated in April 2022, including the Pigment Directory and individual brochures for Coatings, Powder Coatings, Plastics, and Inks.

Our International Pigment Directory was also updated in June 2022.  

Click here to browse the new brochures by region!


New Products

DCL-2938 Naphthol Red

DCL-2938 is designed for water flexo tag and label packaging inks where it is valued for:

  • Extremely Low viscosity
  • High transparency and strength
  • Blueish Red Shade, High Gloss
  • Complies with AP(89), Mercosur and other applicable food packaging regulations.

DCL-2938 is also recommended for textile printing. 

Regulatory Status

DCL-2938 (Mixed crystal PR.31 / PR.32) is registered for:

  • USA: TSCA – no limitations
  • Canada: DSL/NDSL – limit of 12.8 tons manufacturing for use inside Canada, unlimited volumes for “export only”.
  • EU – EINECS registered, but not currently REACH registered by DCL, so limit of 1 ton/year import

Click here to order a sample.


DCL-PY.169-02: New Red Shade Yellow for Plastics

Pigment Yellow 169 is a new metal-azo pigment, developed to fill a unique gap: low cost, red-shade yellow for plastics with excellent dispersibility. This is a new chemistry in the market for the plastics sector. It is heavy metal free, DCB free and low PAA, making it a great choice for eco-tox and indirect food contact AP(89)1 and Mercosur applications. Its key features include:

  • Low Cost, Low Warping, Semi-opaque
  • 250 C Heat stability
  • Low Filter Pressure
  • Good Lightfastness, No Color Bleed

Regulatory Status

  • USA – TSCA active List with no restrictions.
  • Canada – NDSL. NSN 21136 with 10 ton/yr. limit for PY.169, but can be expanded to unlimited “export only” volume in future.
  • EU – EINECS, but not yet REACH registered, so 1 ton/year limit.
  • Registered in Japan (ENCS), New Zealand (NZloC), Philippines (PICCS), Taiwan (TCSI).
  • PCB: < 25ppm AP(89)1 and Mercosur compliant.
  • Trace Elements: No issues. CONEG, AP(89)1, Mercosur compliant.
  • PAA: Total < 10ppm PAAs. Very low PAA content with no toxic amines.  Compliant with AP(89)1 and Mercosur indirect food contact applications. 

Click here to request a sample.

Sustainability at DCL

March 2022 – DCL’s top core value is our commitment to the environment, health and safety. This includes protecting our employees, communities, and the environment. DCL prides itself on its ability to continuously reduce emissions in our plants, reduce electricity consumption, decrease fuel requirements, and reduce harmful waste. In 2022, we have implemented initiatives at various sites to continuously lower our carbon footprint. 

At the DCL Waterfoot site in the UK, we invested in a new roof and solar panels which is reducing electricity by 10%. More recently, our new transformer was installed at the same site, which should reduce electricity consumption by approximately 10% (see picture to the right). A replacement chiller will be installed this year as well.

At our New Toronto site in Canada, we started diverting plastic skids to recycling/re-use via Niagara Pallets. Previously, they were being sent out in solid waste. This amounts to approximately 30 plastic pallets a month at 15KG each. Additionally, we have put water metering systems in to control over-washing of presses. We started washing 8136, a long washing intermediate with hot water to reduce total consumption as well.

Moving Forward, there is a “European Green Deal” that focuses on reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, and to be climate neutral by 2050 (= no net emissions of greenhouse gases). This includes various actions posing huge challenges for the whole chemical industry in the EU. For the pigments, dyes, and fillers industry, Eurocolour is closely following the process and updating its members on a regular basis. Even though pigments, dyes, and fillers already significantly contribute to the performance and sustainability of products, many of the proposed actions raise concern within Eurocolour. To foster innovations, we need to take care to avoid “overregulation” and try to decrease burdens, especially for SMEs. This is just the beginning of a long roadmap of 47 measures which may still be changed, supplemented, and/or expanded upon. Regulations impacting chemicals are mainly covered under the “zero pollution ambition”.

Some actions and proposals were already started in 2021, including:

  • The CLP revision – such as the implementation of new hazards; implement a harmonized classification for identified substances
  • The REACH revision – the resulting interactions may lead to an immense increase of banned or restricted chemicals for specific applications, and
  • The revision of the recommendation of a definition for a nanomaterial, which has become final on 10 June 2022.
  • As not all is settled yet, Eurocolour as representing the pigments, dyes, and fillers industry is closely following the process and submitting comments during public consultation periods, trying to avoid too many burdens.

Soon DCL will need to review and monitor all these changes and check the impact on its products, which is a continuous process.

ERP Update

On July 1st we successfully migrated the legacy DCC customer order fulfillment process from QAD, to Infor M3.  All inventory, quality control, pricing, invoicing, etc. previously handled by legacy LANSCO Colors and DCC systems has now been successfully moved and modernized to M3.  We are one important step closer to operating as one unified team!


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