Your February Newsletter is Now Available!

Your February Newsletter is Now Available!

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February 2023 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about what is happening at DCL:

    • Why use Lead Chrome Alternatives?
    • Join DCL at the European Coatings Show (Booth 3-420)
    • New Effluent System has been Installed at Waterfoot (UK) Site
    • Looking for a Benzimidazolone Orange for Plastics? 1564, PO.34 has you covered!

Why use Lead Chrome Alternatives?

Lead chromate and Moly Orange Alternatives are referred to as ‘LCAs’. If you have regulatory concerns or requirements that prompt you to consider alternatives you may find this information to be very helpful. For background, lead chromate pigments have key performance characteristics that make them extremely challenging to replace, including shade functionality, high chroma, excellent weatherfastness and durability, highly opaque, solvent resistant, no metamerism, excellent heat stability, ease of dispersibility, and low cost.

Now the question is, how do I select the most appropriate LCA? The following key performance criteria and must be considered when selecting a LCA:

  • End-use application (i.e. outdoor vs. indoor)
  • Application requirements, such as color, tint strength, opacity/hiding, heat stability, solvent/polymer compatibility, weatherfastness / durability

The key advantages of LCA’s:

  • Safer & adheres to global regulations
  • Replacements for Lead Chromate & Moly Oranges – application specific
  • Ease of use – match for masstone color and opacity
  • Stronger tint strength
  • Minimal formulation required

DCL’s LCA Pigment Range

DCL offers a range of LCA’s, which make it easy to reformulate away from Lead Chromates, when regulatory requirements do not allow for them. While no single pigment or combination of pigments can replace the properties of Lead Chromate and Moly Orange in all applications, DCL has made it easy to replace them in specific applications with our range of LCA’s! 

We have put together a list of suitable replacements or alternatives for exterior and interior coatings, listed below.

Download our LCA Brochure today!

Join DCL at the European Coatings Show (Booth 3-420)!

The bi-annual European Coatings Show is taking place March 28-30 in Nuremburg, Germany. DCL will have a booth (3-420) and a meeting room (NCC Mitte, room Mailand) available to meet with customers. Beverages and mid-day snacks will be served in both our meeting room and booth! Book your meeting with a DCL Sales Rep by clicking here!

We look forward to seeing you there!

New Effluent System has been Installed at Waterfoot (UK) Site

At our Waterfoot site in the UK, our new effluent plant has been installed and commissioned. This equipment will be easier to use, safer for our employees, and reduces our ongoing costs for waste removal from the site. A new chiller is due to be installed in March and a set of new mixers are due to be installed by the end of January.

Looking for a Benzimidazolone Orange for Plastics?

1564, PO.34 has you covered!

 DCL-1564 is an opaque, reddish shade orange that is bright in chroma with very good light, weatherfastness and heat resistance (see Product Characteristics table below). It is intended for various plastic applications (PVC, PE, PP, PS) and is FDA approved (21CFR178.3297).

Product Characteristics

Migration (1-5) 5                                           Lightfastness (1-8): Masstone 8

Heat Stability (°C/°F) 280°C (HDPE)        Lightfastness (1-8): Tint 1:10 7

Warpage Rating (1-3) * Plastic Only           Weatherfastness (1-5): Masstone 5

Overpaint Resistance * Paints Only            Weatherfastness (1-5): Tint 1:10 2

Warpage: 1 = minimal, 2 = some, 3 = severe

Weatherfastness: 1=Poor, 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Very Good, 5=Excellent Lightfastness: 1-2=Poor, 3-4=Fair, 5=Good, 6-7=Very Good, 8=Excellent


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