Your January Newsletter is Now Available!

Your January Newsletter is Now Available!

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January 2024 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about what is happening at DCL:

    • Temporary Increase in Ocean Freight Costs and Lead Time Adjustment
    • Find Your Next Cool Color in DCL’s Icy Indanthrone Blue 60’s
    • DCL’s Indonesia Automotive Coatings Solutions Workshop

New Temporary Increase in Ocean Freight Costs and Lead Time Adjustment

To: DCL Customers
Date: January 31, 2024

I trust this message finds you well. We appreciate the ongoing partnership and collaboration we share with your company. I am writing to inform you of some recent developments that may impact our logistics and, consequently, require adjustments in our shipping arrangements.

Due to the current issues affecting the Red Sea and Suez Canal, companies are experiencing challenges in their ocean freight operations including DCL. These unforeseen circumstances have necessitated a temporary increase in ocean freight costs to ensure the continued and reliable transportation of our goods.

In light of these challenges, we have also decided to adjust our lead times. This proactive measure is aimed at preventing potential delays and disruptions in our supply chain. We understand the importance of maintaining a smooth flow of goods and are committed to mitigating any potential impact on our mutual business operations.

The temporary increase in ocean freight costs will be effective in February and seen on the invoices as a surcharge. We understand that this change may have implications for your operations as well, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this period.

Our team is available to discuss any specific concerns or questions you may have regarding these adjustments. We value the strong partnership we have built with your company and are committed to working together to overcome these challenges.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We look forward to navigating through these challenges together and maintaining the efficiency and reliability that characterize our business relationship.

Best Regards,
Alan Motkin
Vice President of Supply Chain
DCL Corporation

Find Your Next Cool Color in DCL’s Icy Indanthrone Blue 60’s

Looking for the perfect way to safeguard those “January Blues”? Starting off with our DCL Blue 60´s can cover your needs. From the light reddish icy blues of DCL Blue 60 A3R, up to the ultra-chromatic deep blue effect colors with an unique neutral flop behaviour of our DCL Blue 60 A2RU. These blues will definitely warm you up.
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Sharing DCL’s Automotive Coating Solutions with Indonesia

Thank you to DKSH Indonesia for hosting DCL for the Automotive Coatings Solutions Workshop in Jakarta. We valued introducing an expanding market to DCL’s wide range of offerings!

Your Sales Managers:

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Patrick Chan, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific (

Effendi Wijaya, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (

Yvonne Chang, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (



Haytham Sayed, Business Development – Middle East & Africa (


Latin America:

Denis Rojas, Sales Director Americas, (

Zully Villalobos, Technical Sales Manager, South America (


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