Your July Newsletter is Now Available!

Your July Newsletter is Now Available!

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July 2023 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about what is happening at DCL:

    • Manufacture of Indanthrone Blue Pigments, PB.60 at The Netherlands Site
    • DCL Blue 60 A2RU – The new neutral flop PB60 made in Maastricht
    • Dinner with the European Team

Manufacture of Indanthrone Blue Pigments, PB.60 at Maastricht  

Starting January 2022, DCL began the process of transitioning the manufacture of Indanthrone Blue pigments to our Maastricht, The Netherlands site.

We are now pleased to announce that this transition of Indanthrone Blue, PB.60 pigments DCL-A3R and DCL-A3RN has been fully completed. In addition, the line at this location is now producing DCL-A2RU which offers new styling opportunities on the reddish side of the PB.60 color space with highest neutral flop, transparency and increase strength for all kind of high chromatic effect coatings.

We thank you for your continued business. Please contact your DCL Sales Representative for additional information or to request a sample of any of our PB.60 pigments.

DCL Blue 60 A2RU – The new neutral flop PB60 made in Maastricht 

A2RU Indanthrone Blue, PB.60: A2RU is highly transparent, combines highest tinctorial properties with excellent fastness to light, weather, chemical and solvents. A2RU is redder in shade and higher in chroma than A3R/A3RN. A2RU is developed for deep blue effect color shades with a neutral flop. A2RU is recommended for water- and solvent-based automotive coatings and provides very neutral flop behaviors and enhanced.
Sample stock is available is available:!

Dinner with the European Sales, Product & Technical Management team     


We had our 2-day European Sales meeting at our Maastricht, NL site on 18th and 19th July. Afterward was relaxing dinner with the team; Peter Baggen, Andy Fenlon, Laura Kenny, Nigel Smith, Martin Baier, Zeki Acar, Deniz Sarialtin, Raimund Wilhelm, Andreas Weis and Cosimo Azzarito.

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