Your July Newsletter is Now Available!

Your July Newsletter is Now Available!

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July 2020 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make


Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • August Webinar: Maximizing a Coatings Performance and Processing Efficiency with Proper Raw Material Selection
  • Regulatory Updates
    • Water-based Dispersions – An Evolving Landscape
    • TSCA EPA/CDR Reporting
  • Ajax: First Yellow Pigment comes off the NEW Organics Line this Month!
  • DCL Core Values




August Webinar:

Maximizing a Coatings Performance and Processing Efficiency with Proper Raw Material Selection

Having issues such as gelling, fading, flocculation with pigments in your formulation? We can assist you!

Join our webinar on August 12th (9:00 AM EST)! Our Technical Director in the USA, Jadel Baptista, will teach you about the proper selection of high-performance pigments for coatings. Panelists who will also be able to provide insight on the topic include Frank Lavieri, Mark Freshwater and Zeki Acar.

Jadel has put together a short sneak-peek video for all of you interested in how to select high performance pigments for coatings. Click on the video below to hear what he has to say!

Unable to join us this time? Do not worry! The webinar will be recorded and can be shared again in the future.


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Regulatory Update:

Water-based Dispersions – An Evolving Landscape

Written by: Nigel Smith (Global Technical Services Manager), DCL Corporation

Water-based dispersions have wide and varied uses to color everything from decorative paints to soap and door mats. They are easy to use and control, have wide compatibility, optimised strength and of course, no dust. However, technical and regulatory demands on dispersions are constantly evolving and therefore old ranges become obsolete and new ones are developed regularly.

A pigment dispersion typically consists of:

  • Pigments – Provide color and opacity
  • Surfactant – Holds the pigment in dispersed form
  • Humectant – Keeps the system in fluid form and controls drying rate
  • Additives – Viscosity modifiers/stabilizers/anti-foams to control the physical properties of the dispersion
  • Biocides – to prevent biological growth

Although the dispersions themselves may only make up 10% of a final formulation, the impact of choices made in the formulation of the dispersion can trigger a failure to meet an environmental standard in the end application.


To learn about the challenges with water-based dispersions, click here!

Regulatory Update: TSCA EPA/CDR Reporting

2020 is a year that is marked for Toxic Control Substances Act (TSCA)/Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reporting, a requirement that must be completed every four years.  The last reporting year was in 2016 that encompassed 2012-2015.  This year will encompass 2016-2019.   Reporting is done through the U.S. EPA’s Central Data Exchange website.

The main focus of the 2020 Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) requirements are:

1. All manufacturers and importers must review their activity involving chemical substances subject to TSCA to determine whether to report to the CDR.

2. A company must evaluate its manufacturing and importing activity in calendar years 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019

    a. If manufacture and import is at or above 25,000 lbs. for a given chemical in any one of these four (4) preceding calendar years, then a company is required to report that chemical for the 2020 CDR. 

    b. In the case where a chemical is specifically regulated or proposed for regulation under TSCA Section 5, 6, or 7 (g., Section 5(e) Consent Order, Section 5(a)(2) SNUR, etc.), the manufacture and import reporting threshold is lower at 2,500 lbs.

The US EPA has recently amended the submission period from June 1, 2020 through November 30, 2020.

The Regulatory Team is preparing the reports covering DCL products including all legacy LANSCO and legacy DCC products to ensure compliance with our US TSCA reporting obligations.

In preparation for the CDR, the Color Pigments Manufacturers Association (CPMA) hosted a webinar with the US EPA.  DCL was invited to participate and provide an industry perspective on the CDR process.  For more information on this year’s CDR reporting please feel free to contact us at:

Ajax: First Yellow Pigment comes off the

NEW Organics Line this Month!

We are excited to announce that the first batch of organic yellow pigment was produced at our new Ajax organic line on July 15th, 2020! This will significantly increase our manufactured organics capacity and increase our ability to service our customers around the world. We would like to extend a huge thank you to those working diligently behind the scenes on this huge endeavor!

From Left to right: George Zafiris, Eugenio Duarte, Stephane Brunel, Dylan Milton, Dwayne Purcell, Kevin Brackett, Nick McInally, Helen Skelton, Yanyan Wu, Ling Jiang

DCL Core Values

As part of our re-branding initiative, we have re-vamped our mission statement and core values.

Our Mission

Making the world more colorful by providing high-quality pigments, dispersions, and exceptional service to our customers around the globe.

Core Values

Environmental, Health and Safety: Protecting our employees, communities and the environment is fundamental to all that we do.

One Team: Treating others with respect and working together effectively towards shared goals are vital to our success.

Customer Centric: Fostering customer intimacy to exceed their expectations distinguishes us from our competition.

Growth Mindset: Building a performance-driven organization that challenges the status quo, continuously improves, and innovates, defines our culture.


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