Your July Newsletter is Now Available!

Your July Newsletter is Now Available!

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July 2021 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • Webinar: Join us in September to learn Why Bismuth Vanadate Pigments should be used for High-Performance Plastics
  • DCL Corporation acquires Sun Chemical’s Bushy Park Plant in Goose Creek, South Carolina: Update
  • Join us at SPE CAD RETEC 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia!
  • ERP Update: Check out our new Certificate of Analysis Document


Why use Bismuth Vanadate Pigments for Plastics?


Bismuth Vanadate (BV), Pigment Yellow 184 (PY.184) was introduced as an inorganic pigment in the mid 1980’s.  Its usage and value have grown, however, PY.184 is often overlooked as a potential candidate when a high-performance yellow is needed.  DCL has a full range of BV’s for coatings, plastics, and ink applications.   We will share information and data that demonstrates why PY.184 may not only be a good high-performance yellow option, but the best option!

Who is presenting?

Mark Freshwater, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, DCL Corporation

Mark has had the pleasure of working his entire 34-year career in the pigment industry.  He joined Hoechst upon graduation from Slippery Rock University and had the privilege of spending two of his ten years at Hoechst working at the world headquarters in Frankfurt Germany.  In 1997, Mark joined LANSCO COLORS, now DCL corporation, and continues to enjoy all that the pigment industry has to offer.

Panelists who will be available for Q&A during this webinar include: Harry Hamers (Technical Service Manager, Maastricht), Bruce Howie (Global Product Marketing Manager), and Nigel Smith (Product Manager Dispersions & EMEA Technical Service Manager).

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DCL’s Acquisition of Sun Chemical’s Plant at Bushy Park: Update

We recently announced that DCL Corporation has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Sun Chemical’s Bushy Park plant in Goose Creek, South Carolina, USA.   The anticipated closing of the acquisition is July 31, 2021.

Acquired Product Line

This acquisition includes the production and sales of the perylene and quinacridone product portfolio, as well as additional products that fall under the color indexes for Pigment Yellow 139, Red 188, and Black 7.  Adding this high-performance pigment portfolio (manufactured in the USA) to DCL’s established platform and global operations is a complementary acquisition for DCL, a global leader in color pigments and dispersions for the coatingsplastics and ink industries. This business is a strong strategic fit for the DCL portfolio and our customers.

Existing Bushy Park Customer Information

Existing customers purchasing the Bushy Park products acquired from Sun Chemical will need to set up DCL’s new legal entity for Bushy Park in their system for orders post August 1.  All orders that were placed prior to August 1st with Sun Chemical will be transferred to DCL on August 1st and will be shipped and invoiced by DCL.  The legal entity for products shipped from Bushy Park will be DCL Corporation (BP), LLC.  Information needed for set up of this new legal entity, including W9 and banking details, can be obtained by emailing or your current DCL sales representative. 

In addition, customer order management, accounts payable and accounts receivables will be managed by a transition team specifically for Bushy P ark products and specific contact information is below. Customers who are interested in starting to purchase Bushy Park products should contact their DCL sales representative.

Regulatory Information

DCL intends to have the Bushy Park site certified under their ISO umbrella after assuming operational control. DCL will maintain the existing site level standards and processes for Environment, Health & Safety while they assume operational control of the Bushy Park facility.  All regulatory approvals currently in place for these products will be in place post closing, including REACH registrations, FDA food contact approvals, etc. The acquired products will have DCL branded SDS and TDS available post closing.   Any regulatory questions can be directed to

If you have any questions about the acquisition or products, feel free to reach out to us! Customers purchasing other products from DCL should continue to work through their normal contacts.



We are looking forward to attending our first trade show in two years! Join us on September 19-21 in Georgia, Atlanta for the SPE CAD RETEC!

CAD RETEC is the premier technical conference devoted to the color & appearance of plastics. With a wide variety of attendees drawn from educational, sales, technical, and management roles in the plastics color industry; CAD RETEC is the best venue for interaction with other people passionate about the coloring of plastics.

We are hosting a series of events at the upcoming RETEC conference!

  • Sponsored Breakfast: Monday, September 20th, 7:30 AM
  • Networking Party (Dinner & Cocktails) with a live event: Monday, September 20th, 7:00 PM
  • 5K Fun Run/Walk: Tuesday, September 21st, 7:00 AM.
    • All proceeds go towards the local Habitat for Humanity. To learn more about this initiative, click here.
  • Bismuth Vanadate for Plastics: Paper being presented by Mark Freshwater (Date & Time TBA)

We cannot wait to see you there!



ERP Update: Certificate of Analysis

This is our fourth article in our ERP series that covers the changes customers will see when we move to our new ERP. This ERP change will occur on September 1st for US customers only, and then early 2022 for all other customers.

In this article we will introduce our new Certificate of Analysis (COA) document.  The previous articles in this series can be accessed by clicking here.

Each lot of our pigment(s) are tested against our standard(s).  A COA is available for each delivery of product we make to customers and can be requested at any time.  The new COA shown here is annotated with numbers to highlight specific pieces of information referred to in the text below.

  • 1, 2 & 3 – This line identifies the product and lot number for which the COA values apply.
  • 4 – Importantly, our standard lot for this product is identified.  We maintain a standard for each product and use it for Quality Control.  Each lot of a product is compared to it in the standard tests that are performed each time a new lot is created.  This means that our standard lots are consumed over time and eventually need to be replaced.  ,When we change standard lots we notify customers and offer a sample of our new standard.
  • 5, 6 & 7 – Test are identified with Test Method numbers and a description.  For customers who are interested, we provide the test procedures used in our testing.  The units of the values given on the COA are also shown.
  • 8 – shows the minimum and maximum values for our specifications and the test results for this lot.

If customers have questions about COA’s or product qualities they can always ask customer service or contact our technical team directly.


Your Sales Representatives

Please contact your regional sales representative for more information on the products advertised here and any others in our product range. 

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