Your June Newsletter is Now Available!

Your June Newsletter is Now Available!

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June 2021 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • Orange 7336: Most Opaque, High-Performance PO.36
  • DCL Corporation acquires Sun Chemical’s Plant in Bushy Park
  • Join us at SPE CAD RETEC 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia!
  • ERP Update: New Product Codes

Orange 7336:

Most Opaque, High Performance, PO.36

7336 is a blue shade orange 36 pigment with excellent hiding power. It can be universally incorporated into both high-end water and solvent based coating systems.

  • Excellent dispersion characteristics and rheological properties with enhanced storage stability.
  • Highly chromatic with excellent gloss retention.
  • Very good weatherfastness, heat stability and chemical resistance compared to the majority of organic orange pigments.
  • 7336 is an excellent alternative to Molybdate orange pigments.

Check out our YouTube channel to learn about our featured products, including 7336!


DCL Corporation acquires Sun Chemical’s Plant in Bushy Park

 We are pleased to announce that DCL Corporation has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Sun Chemical’s plant in Bushy Park, South Carolina, USA.   This acquisition includes the production and sales of the perylene and quinacridone product portfolio, as well as additional products that fall under the color indexes for Pigment Yellow 139, Red 188, and Black 7.  The anticipated closing of the acquisition is July 31, 2021.

Adding this high-performance pigment portfolio (manufactured in the USA) to DCL’s established platform and global operations is a complementary acquisition for DCL, a global leader in color pigments and dispersions for the coatingsplastics and ink industries. This business is a strong strategic fit for the DCL portfolio and our customers.

We will have more information over the coming weeks on the transition of the business from Sun Chemical.  DCL is committed to continuing to serve our customers with high quality, reliable supply and will ensure the business is integrated without disruption to our global customers, present and future.   


Magen Buterbaugh

Chief Commercial Officer

DCL Corporation



 Join us from September 21-23 in Georgia, Atlanta for the SPE CAD RETEC!

CAD RETEC is the premier technical conference devoted to the color & appearance of plastics. With a wide variety of attendees drawn from educational, sales, technical, and management roles in the plastics color industry; CAD RETEC is the best venue for interaction with other people passionate about the coloring of plastics.

We are looking forward to the first trade show we have attended in some time! We will be hosting the annual 5K Fun Run / Walk and hosting a Breakfast. We will keep you posted over the next couple months with all the program details!

We can’t wait to see you there! 



ERP Update: New Product Codes

This is our third article in our ERP series that covers the changes coming with our new ERP system. The first article in our April Newsletter introduced our new ERP System and the goals of implementing this project and the second article in our May newsletter delved into order confirmation documents.

 This issue talks about changes to our product codes that are being made to both communicate information about the packaging of the product and to unify the multiple product coding systems which have arisen due to the merger of our different companies.  We will also introduce new Item Number designations which are six-digit numbers that will appear on Order Confirmation, Invoices and other paperwork.


New Product Code/Name

Old Product Code

Product Package                           

New Item Number         

Product Description



20 kg all paper bag





25 kg bag (plastic) with European labeling



2094-DP25 bag


25 kg all paper bag





20 kg bag with a plastic liner





50 lb bag with plastic liner



RED AX101-DD30

GemSperse Red AX 101

30 kg keg




As you can see in the above table, our new product codes are a relatively small change from the current ones but an important improvement in communication.  There are a number of customers who have specific packaging requirements or questions about packaging and these new product codes will quickly communicate package construction (C if plastic is present in the bag), standard package size (the default is kg but an L is used to designate a package with a standard weight in pounds) and if the labeling complies with unique European requirements (designated with E).

Customers who have given us their specific internal codes for our products will see these printed on our Order Confirmation, which was explained in the previous article in this series and can be referred to on our website.

We will provide another update next month – stay tuned!


Your Sales Representatives

Please contact your regional sales representative for more information on the products advertised here and any others in our product range. 

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