Your March Newsletter is Now Available!

Your March Newsletter is Now Available!

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March 2024 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about what is happening at DCL:


  • Notification of Product Name Change & Item Numbers for Bushy Park Products
  • DCL´s Versatile Quindo® Magenta 202´s
  • See you at American Coating Show in Indianapolis! Join us for Happy Hour at 03:00pm on Wednesday May 1st

Notification of Product Name Change & Item Numbers for Bushy Park Products

Dear Valued Customer,
In our continuous efforts to enhance services and streamline operations, we are implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in April. We have integrated our Bushy Park, South Carolina Manufacturing Facility into our already existing state-of-the-art ERP system. This is aimed at improving efficiency, enhancing communication, and providing a more seamless experience for both our team and our valued customers.
With the change in the ERP system, a simultaneous change is needed with our code numbers and names and will occur April 1, 2024. The name changes are minor and intuitive. For example, the old name 2280013 Quindo® MAGENTA 122 will now be DCL Quindo® Magenta 122 2280013. Item numbers will need to change as well. The old SAP number (ex: 90102839) will be replaced with a new ERP item number (ex:150070).
A complete list of Product Names and Item Numbers is avaialbe for your convenience. Please use the new name and new item numbers on orders to prevent any possible confusion.
Thank you for your business and if you have any questions or if we can be of service, please contact your sales representative.

Yours sincerely,
Scott Heitzman

Global Product Marketing Manager
DCL Corporation

As Varied as Spring Days – DCL´s Versatile Quindo® Magenta 202´s!

DCL Quindo® Magenta 202 2286725 is     the opaquest PR202 and recommended to create highly opaque bluish red color shades. It is stable in water and solvent-based systems with heat stability up to 300°C    and provides exceptional weather and lightfastness.

Check out DCL´s range of transparent PR202´s:

DCL Quindo® Magenta 202 2281220 – Clean semi-transparent blue shade which finds it main application in automotive OEM and refinish coatings

DCL Quindo® Magenta 202 2286843 – clean and very transparent mid shade PR202, which finds its main application in automotive OEM and refinish coatings.

DCL Quindo® Magenta 202 2286873 – most blueish, most transparent, and most chromatic PR202 for high chromatic bluish effect color shades in automotive and a lot of other coating applications where highest transparency and chroma is needed!


Check out DCL´s easy to disperse, non-dusting, granulated PR202 for Plastics and Powder Coatings:

DCL Quindo® G Magenta 202 2286864 is our granulated non-dusting and easy to disperse solution for Powder Coatings and Plastics with extremely high color strength!

Sample stock is available: Click here to order a sample.     

Join us for Happy Hour on the second day of ACS 2024!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the American Coating Show next month in Indianapolis!
Please stop by, at the DCL booth and join us for Happy Hour at 3pm on Wednesday May 1st!
Also make sure to contact your sales representative and book a meeting with us today!

 Your Sales Managers:

Please contact your regional Sales Manager for more information on the products advertised here and any others in our product range.

North America:
Vince Machi, Vice President of Sales, Americas, (
Rogerio Galante, Director, Sales Operations & Distribution (
Denis Rojas, Sales Director Americas, (
Paul Holder, Key Account Manager (
Matt Docherty, Key Account Manager (
Ara Missirian, Key Account Manager (
Jadel Baptista-Filho, Technical Director Americas (
Suzanne Letrondo, Sales Manager, Coatings & Dispersions, Monteith (

Peter Baggen, Vice President Sales (
Andy Fenlon, Director of European Sales (Europe, Middle East & Africa) (
Lieven Vandenberghe, European Coatings Industry, Coordination Manager (
Raimund Wilhelm, Sales Manager, DACH Region (
Prakash Naik, UK, Global Procurement & Business Development (
Laura Kenny, Sales Manager Dispersions (
Phil Conway, Sales Manager, UK (
Andreas Weis, Sales Manager, DACH Region (
Deniz Sarialtin, Head of Sales Europe (France, Luxembourg, Greece, Turkey & Israel) &
Business Development Europe (Dispersions) (

Asia Pacific:
Patrick Chan, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific (
Effendi Wijaya, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (
Yvonne Chang, Technical Sales Manager, Asia (

Haytham Sayed, Business Development – Middle East & Africa (

Latin America:
Zully Villalobos, Technical Sales Manager, South America (
Denis Rojas, Sales Director Americas, (


About DCL Corporation:
DCL Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of pigments for our customers in the coatings, plastics, printing ink and paper industries worldwide. Our extensive range of pigments is backed by technical expertise, our commitment to service excellence, continuous improvement, environmental, health, safety and social responsibility. Please visit for more information on our product range.