Your March Newsletter is Now Available!

Your March Newsletter is Now Available!

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March 2020 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make


Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • COVID-19 Important Announcement: We remain Fully Operational
  • Dominion Colour Corporation & LANSCO Colors become DCL Corporation
  • Find out which Pigment Orange 36 is right for you!
  • Dispersions Regulatory Update



Important Announcement: COVID-19

As a global supplier of color pigments and dispersions, we have been closely monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak. We are committed to ensuring the safety of employees whilst working towards mitigating any possible impact to your supply chain. We take this situation seriously and are in constant communication with our global manufacturing and supply chain team in order to mitigate the potential for supply disruptions.

Our manufacturing facilities and warehouse will stay open to guarantee supply to our customers. Your usual customer service and sales contacts are available for any questions or concerns. We are committed to supporting you and your business in the best way possible throughout this challenging situation.

While most, if not all, of our Chinese suppliers have restarted their facilities, there are still strict regulations by local authorities in place. This has resulted in slower than usual ramp ups to full production due to the extended Chinese New Year and the impact of Coronavirus. In addition, we have recently experienced delays booking space on ocean vessels due to the Chinese harbors being shutdown which may impact future shipments, however logistics to two major ports are now re-opened (Qingdao and Shanghai ports). That being said, our supply chain has months of inventory of most products and raw materials given our normal safety stock levels plus stock we plan given the normal 4-week shutdown around Chinese New Year. At this time, we are not aware of a supply disruption caused by this virus outbreak that will impact our ability to supply a majority of our products but continue to monitor the situation. We will continue to keep our customers updated on the situation and will inform you of any specific impact on your business, if applicable.

Thank you for your continued business with DCL Corporation

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Dominion Colour Corporation & LANSCO Colors
Become DCL Corporation


On March 6, 2020, we announced via a press release that Dominion Colour Corporation & LANSCO Colors was changing our name to DCL Corporation. The new company name – DCL – combines letters that represent our strong legacy while at the same time starting an exciting new chapter for the company, unified under one name. We also unveiled our new logo which represents our vibrant pigment and dispersion business with this modern, geometric pattern made from a rainbow of colors.

We will continue to be a global leader in the supply of color pigments and dispersions for the coating, plastics, and ink industries with a new name in the industry! With our tagline, we ask you to “See the Difference we Make.”

At this time, we are announcing our new name & logo only and will be advising our customers of the next step(s) related to the name change shortly. We will be changing our legal entity names around the world and will be notifying our customers when these changes will go into effect and when they will be changed on items such as invoicing or when we have updated banking information, etc. Currently, there is no action on the part of our customers. Further information will be forthcoming as we work through the transition to our new name. Again, for now, please continue business as normal and we will notify you when the change may impact you.

There will be no changes in our manufacturing locations, our product specifications or in the products we offer – this is purely a branding name change to merge our two companies fully under one unified name moving forward!

On behalf of DCL Corporation, we thank you, our valued customers, for your business and we look forward to showing you the difference we can make.

Magen Buterbaugh signature
Magen Buterbaugh
Executive Vice President, Strategy & Technology

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Find out which Pigment Orange 36 is right for you!

Pigment Orange 36 image Pigment Orange 36 is a high-performance blue shade orange pigment. We offer 3 in our range, with 7336 is the latest addition with improved rheology & rheological stability.

  • Orange 7036 – Opaque type. Blue shade orange pigment. Recommended for coatings applications where very good weatherfastness and heat stability are required. It is a very cost-effective lead-free alternative to molybdate orange. 7036 is yellower & stronger compared to Orange 7136 & 7336
  • Orange 7136 – Drop in match to industry standards. Recommended for coatings applications where excellent weatherfastness, heat stability, chemical resistance is required.

Spotlight on 7336, our newest, most Opaque Orange 36:

7336 is a blue shade orange pigment with the highest hiding power. It can be universally incorporated into both high-end water and solvent based coating systems. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Excellent dispersion characteristics and rheological properties with enhanced storage stability.
  • Highly chromatic with excellent gloss retention.
  • Best weatherfastness of Orange 36 products in our range.
  • Excellent alternative to Molybdate orange pigments.

Compared with 7136 and the industry standard, it is very similar in masstone shade and higher in gloss, and stronger and yellower in tint. 7336 has the most stable viscosity after 24 hours.


Dispersions Regulatory Update

The biocide package used in GemSperse aqueous products has been modified ahead of changes to the classification of methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in the European Union.

MIT has been widely used to provide biocidal protection in many aqueous products from paints and pigment dispersions, to personal care and cosmetics, however, has now been reclassified as a category 1A skin sensitizer. This amendment to the classification, labelling and packaging regulation (CLP) outlined in the 13th Adaptation of Technical Progress (ATP) means that from 1 May 2020, the specific concentration limit of MIT will reduce from 1000ppm to 15ppm. Although MIT may still be used above these concentration limits postMay, it comes with increased hazard labelling. DCL has developed a biocide package that conforms to ≤15ppm and no change will be seen in the labelling of our products. Dispersions manufactured after 1st February 2020 are proactively compliant with these new regulations that come into effect in May 2020.

The same excellent quality and compatibility characteristics associated with GemSperse aqueous dispersions remain but with the assurance that DCL is taking safety in the industry seriously.



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