Your May Newsletter is Now Available!

Your May Newsletter is Now Available!

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May 2022 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • Yellow Pigments for Plastics
  • Sustainability Initiatives at the DCL UK Site
  • ERP News: Global Implementation of ERP System
  • Upcoming conferences
  • Upcoming and Past Webinars

Yellow Pigments for Plastics

  • Made in North America 
  • In stock for immediate shipment 
  • FDA Approved*

DCL Pigments would like to update you on our Canadian production of pigments for plastics. We have successfully ramped up our new Organic Yellow Production and are looking for additional business with customers who value local supply.  These yellow pigments, a mainstay in plastic packaging and other applications, are available for immediate shipment!

Please contact us here for these Pigments or speak with your Sales Manager or Customer Service contact:

  • Pigment Yellow 155 
  • Pigment Yellow 168 
  • Pigment Yellow 180*  
  • Pigment Yellow 183*  
  • Pigment Yellow 191*
  • Pigment Yellow 62  
              ○ DCL-1462F*

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Sustainability Initiatives at the DCL UK Site

DCL’s top core value is our commitment to the environment, health and safety. This includes protecting our employees, communities, and the environment. DCL prides itself on its ability to continuously reduce emissions in our plants, reduce electricity consumption, decrease fuel requirements, and reduce harmful waste.

DCL invested in a new roof and solar panels for the Waterfoot site, where our water-based dispersions are manufactured. As of April 1, this was fully operational and is expected to reduce electricity by 10%.

In the coming year, DCL will invest in a replacement chiller and a new transformer, both replacing existing equipment. This should reduce electricity consumption by an additional 10%.

ERP News: Global Implementation of ERP System

On July 1ˢᵗ, 2022, DCL will implement its new integrated ERP system globally (Phase II) after now completing Phase I last September 2021, in which we brought our US business onto the platform. Concurrent with this change, effective July 1ˢᵗ, as part of an internal corporate restructuring within DCL to further streamline our legal entities, your new invoicing entity will be DCL Corporation (USA), LLC. 

Please note that this change does not impact our customers purchasing our high-performance pigments business acquired from Sun Chemical which is sold by DCL Corporation (BP), LLC and US customers who are already invoiced by DCL Corporation (USA), LLC.

Key Information about Phase II ERP Transition for Customers:

  1. Shipment blackout dates for this Phase II Go Live is scheduled for June 30ᵗʰ through July 10ᵗʰ.  DCL expects to resume shipments on Monday, July 11ᵗʰ, 2022. 
  2. There will be no shipments of products during our black out period and we encourage our customers to plan accordingly. 
  3. Please consider moving up critical shipments, where possible, to ship prior to June 30ᵗʰ and to ensure sufficient stock to ensure your continuous operation through the blackout period.
  4. Again, this black out period does not impact the pigments from our Bushy Park business that we acquired from Sun Chemical which is sold by DCL Corporation (BP), LLC and all shipments to US customers.

Please contact your Customer Service Representative to make any changes to your existing orders to plan accordingly as soon as possible.  Your DCL Sales Representative is also available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you as always for your business with DCL.

Upcoming & Past Webinars

 Red Notice: Do you want the most inspiring reds? DCL’s Perylenes can be your solution!

Presented by: Martin Georg Baier (Technical Key Account Manager Automotive Coatings in Sales)

Date: September (9:00 AM EST)

DCL presents how high-transparent, mega-vivid and ultra-chromatic reds can been achieved in coatings for automotive and plastics as well as in Fibers and Digital Inks. Technical panelists will include Scott Heitzman and Nigel Smith.

Click here to register!

Did you miss our webinar on Cost-in-use RAL shade matching for an industrial application? Click here to watch it today!

Upcoming Conferences 2022

DCL will be attending several shows this year! Contact your local sales representative to meet with us!

  • ACC (Australia): May 25-27
  • Spark Can Paint (Quebec): May 25-26
  • MECS (Dubai): June 14th – 16th (Stand 1A32)
  • Abrafati (Brazil): June 21st – 23rd
  • SPE CAD RETEC (Florida): September 12th – 14th

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Your Sales Managers

Please contact your regional sales manager for more information on the products advertised here and any others in our product range. 

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About DCL Corporation
DCL Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of pigments for our customers in the coatings, plastics, printing ink and paper industries worldwide. Our extensive range of pigments is backed by technical expertise, our commitment to service excellence, continuous improvement, environmental, health, safety and social responsibility. Please visit for more information on our product range.