Your November Newsletter is Now Available!

Your November Newsletter is Now Available!

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November 2022 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • DCL Testing Capabilities: See the Difference we Make!
  • 2938 Naphthol Red for Water Flexo Tag and Label Packaging Inks
  • DCL-PY.169-02: New Red Shade Yellow for Plastics

DCL Testing Capabilities: See the Difference we Make!

Why choose DCL for your technical needs?     

Pigment chemistries are vast and complex and if you choose the wrong pigment for your application, huge problems can occur [ $$$$$$$$!   It’s for this reason, that DCL has strong technical teams globally, to ensure we deliver the expertise needed for your operations.   With five technical sites worldwide in Canada, USA, and Europe, DCL can provide technical support quickly.          

DCL’s strong team of chemists actively research and develop pigments with unique color spaces and key properties, that bring additional value to plastics, coating, and ink applications.

DCL’s technical testing capabilities include: 

  • Production raw material testing and support
  • New product development
  • Sales aids and technical assistance
  • Technical training and product launches
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Customer specific formulations and color matching
  • Complaint Investigations and resolutions
  • Analytical Analysis, plus impurities and heavy metal testing

The following are some of the key attributes of pigments that determine their suitability for manufacturing processes and applications:

  • Dispersion
  • Weatherfastness / lightfastness
  • Color / tinting strength
  • Opacity / transparency
  • Toxicity
  • Staining / bleeding
  • Viscosity
  • Heat Stability 
  • Solvent / acid / alkali stability

The images below illustrate some of the vital pieces of equipment used in DCL’s laboratories, which enable thorough testing of pigments:

DCL values every customer relationship and is fully committed to support their operations.  

Please contact our global team for any technical questions or concerns you may have:

  • Pamela Visintin, R&D Technology Manager (USA) –
  • Curtis Ross, Technical Service Manager (Canada) –
  • Jadel Baptista, Technical Director (USA) –
  • Harry Hamers, Technical Service Manager (Maastricht) –
  • Nigel Smith, Global Technical Service Manager (UK) –

2938 Naphthol Red for Water Flexo Tag and Label Packaging Inks

DCL launched our new 2938 Naphthol Red, PR.238 recently.  DCL-2938 is particularly designed for water flexo tag and label packaging inks where it is valued for:

  • Extremely Low viscosity
  • High transparency and strength
  • Blueish Red Shade
  • High Gloss
  • Complies with AP(89), Mercosur and other applicable food packaging regulations.

DCL-2938 is also recommended for textile printing.  

Regulatory Status

DCL-2938 (Mixed crystal PR.31 / PR.32) is registered for:

  • USA: TSCA – no limitations
  • Canada: DSL/NDSL – limit of 12.8 tons manufacturing for use inside Canada, unlimited volumes for “export only”.
  • EU – EINECS registered, but not currently REACH registered by DCL, so limit of 1 ton/year import

Sample stock is available.

Click here to order a sample.

New Red Shade Yellow for Plastics

Pigment Yellow 169 is a new metal-azo pigment, developed by DCL to fill a unique gap: low cost, red-shade yellow for plastics with excellent dispersibility. This is a new chemistry in the market for the plastics sector. It is heavy metal free, DCB free and low PAA, making it a great choice for eco-tox and indirect food contact AP(89)1 and Mercosur applications.

Its key features include:

  • Low Cost
  • Low Warping
  • Semi-opaque
  • 250 C Heat stability
  • Low Filter Pressure
  • Good Lightfastness
  • No Color Bleed


Shade Comparison

PY.169 is the reddest shade Calcium Azo Yellow, with performance similar to PY.62. The following chart shows the comparison of PY.169 in masstone with other yellow pigments in LDPE.

The following chart shows a comparison of tint strength in LDPE.

Regulatory Status

  • USA – TSCA active List with no restrictions.
  • Canada – NDSL. NSN 21136 with 10 ton/yr. limit for PY.169, but can be expanded to unlimited “export only” volume in future.
  • EU – EINECS, but not yet REACH registered, so 1 ton/year limit.
  • Registered in Japan (ENCS), New Zealand (NZloC), Philippines (PICCS), Taiwan (TCSI).
  • PCB: < 25ppm AP(89)1 and Mercosur compliant.
  • Trace Elements: No issues. CONEG, AP(89)1, Mercosur compliant.
  • PAA: Total < 10ppm PAAs. Very low PAA content with no toxic amines.  Compliant with AP(89)1 and Mercosur indirect food contact applications. 

Learn more about the product here.

Click here to book a meeting with a technical representative or order a sample!


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