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Your October Newsletter is Now Available!

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October 2022 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

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  • Perylene Black, DCL 8032, is one, cool Pigment!
  • Are you in need of VAT Orange 43? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.
  • RAL Shade Matching: Is the Lowest Cost Formula Always Better?
  • DCL Literature

Perylene Black, DCL 8032 is one, cool Pigment!

There is a focus today on formulating colors in such a way that the part being colored does not retain heat.  This reduces cooling costs for buildings, for example, and the savings can be substantial.  Pigments that have this property are called “cool colors” and DCL offers 8032 Perylene Black that is a star performer in this regard. 

This chart shows the reflectance curve of 8032 over a broad range of wavelengths starting in the UV (100-380 nm) through the visible spectrum (380-750 nm) and into the infrared (750 nm to 1 mm).  8032 reflects very little visible light, which means that it absorbs almost all the light shown on it and this is why it appears black.  But in the infrared, 8032 is transparent and the light travels through it to the white substrate behind the coating used to measure this reflectance curve.  This infrared energy bounces of the white coating and the part stays cool.  Products like window frames and metal building parts benefit from this technology.

8032 is also used in the Lidar technology that new cars use to sense other objects around them.  Lidar operates between 905 and 1550 nm where 8032 reflects most of these wavelengths so cars coated with paint colored with 8032 are more visible to Lidar sensors whereas coatings with other common black pigments, like carbon black, are less so.  These properties make 8032 one, cool pigment!

For more information about this amazing pigment including how it behaves over a black substrate, please contact our technical department.

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Are you in need of VAT Orange 43?

Look no further, we’ve got you covered

DCL’s Orange 2443 Vat Orange (PO.43) is a clean, bright orange with outstanding UV properties in both masstone and tint; it is the most lightfast and weatherfast orange pigment. It is recommended for high-performance applications such as automotive, industrial and powder coatings. It is suitable for many types of plastics applications, however it is most commonly used for HDPE and PP plastics.

2443 can be used to formulate pastel colors and for shading and can also be used in creating copper metallic shades. Full shade applications tend to darken upon exposure.

RAL Shade Matching: Is the Lowest Cost Formula Always Better?

DCL’s Zeki Acar, Application Specialist and Business Development Manager, presented on RAL Colors at the Paint & Coatings Conference in Milan, October 25-26, 2022. In this lecture, the pigmentation possibilities of the RAL colors 1023 Traffic Yellow, 2004 Traffic Orange, 3020 Traffic Red were shown, also using a classic lead pigmentation as a reference. For industrial applications, different pigments and pigmentations will be compared in terms of material costs, opacity and long-term outdoor durability to show the long-term costs of color maintenance. This study was ultimately intended to raise awareness among paint manufacturers that the supposedly cheap pigments on a per kilo basis may prove to be less cost-efficient than the expensive pigments in the long run.

For more information on RAL Colours, watch our webinar!

DCL Literature

The European Pigment directory was updated in September 2021 (in anticipation of the European Coatings Show that was cancelled). It will be updated for the upcoming ECS 2023, stay tuned!

The North American Literature was updated in April 2022, including the Pigment Directory and individual brochures for Coatings, Powder Coatings, Plastics, and Inks.

Our International Pigment Directory was also updated in June 2022.  

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