Your October Newsletter is Now Available!

Your October Newsletter is Now Available!

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October 2020 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make


Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • Upcoming Events
    • Webinar: Pigments for Injection Molding Applications (rescheduled)
    • Webinar: Lead Chrome Alternatives for Coatings
  • Lead chrome and moly orange alternatives in the APAC region
  • Re-branding Launch Parties

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Pigments for Injection Molding applications!

Join us on November 4th (9:00 AM EST) as our Field Chemist, Lucy Gibbons, delves into a colorful overview of which pigments are suitable for injection molding, including how to select the right ones and why. This webinar will also highlight the effects of heat stability and warpage on the end product, due to the pigment choice. Panelists who will also be able to provide insight on the topic include Frank Lavieri, Curtis Ross, and Nigel Smith.

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Webinar: Lead Chrome Alternative Pigments for Coatings

We are hosting two upcoming webinars for Lead Chrome Alternatives, (LCAs), being presented by Patrick Chan (Regional Sales Director – Asia Pacific). Should regulatory concerns or requirements prompt you to consider alternatives you may find this information to be very helpful. While no one pigment or combination of pigments can replace the performance of Lead Chromates and Moly Oranges in all applications, DCL has the broadest range of LCA’s to help with your replacement needs in specific applications.

Patrick graduated from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore in 1994 with a Degree in Materials Engineering. He also received a Graduate Diploma in Marketing the following year from the Singapore Management University. Patrick worked for Sumitomo Bakelite and Eastman Chemicals for 8 years before joining Dominion Colour Corporation (now known as DCL Corporation). He has been working in Sales from 2002 until the present.


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Lead Chrome and Moly Orange Alternatives in the APAC region

This past month, the Asia Pacific Coatings Journal published an article written by Curtis Ross, Technical Service Manager at DCL Corporation. What follows is the introduction!

Global consumption of lead chromate pigments (PY.34 & PR.104) has declined over the last decade due to increased regulatory requirements. They continue to be used in the coatings and plastic industries due to the fact that they are the best value for performance in many applications. Lead chromate pigments have the following key performance characteristics that make them extremely challenging to replace:

  • Shade functionality – a very broad breadth of shade from green shade to mid and red shade yellows, continuing to bright oranges.
  • Chroma – high cleanliness of shade.
  • Durability/weatherfastness – colors do not fade or change color upon exposure to weather, both sunlight and rain, hence coatings need to be reapplied less frequently.
  • Opacity – the pigments are very opaque and, thus, hide the substrate underneath, resulting in fewer coats of paint being required.
  • Solvent resistance – the pigments do not dissolve in the solvents used in coatings.
  • No metamerism – the pigments exhibit the same colors under different light sources, for example in daylight and under fluorescent lights.
  • Heat stability – selected grades of these pigments do not change color under high processing temperatures.
  • Dispersibility – the pigments disperse in the paint very easily and, thus, require less energy and time.
  • Cost – very economical in use (about 4-10 times cheaper than alternatives).

Interested to learn how to select a Lead Chrome Alternative Pigment?

Check out the full article here!


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