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Your September Newsletter is Now Available!

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September 2021 Newsletter: See the Difference We Make

Check out this month’s issue to learn about the following:

  • Technical article: Challenges to Preservation of Water-based Pigment Dispersions
  • Check out our latest brochure: DCL’s New Range of High-Performance Pigments
  • Photos and Update from CAD RETEC 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia!
  • ERP Update: Go-Live in Maastricht & United States
  • Upcoming Webinars in 2021-2022

Challenges to Preservation of Water-based Pigment Dispersions

Hayley Johansen, Technical Service & Lab Manager

The challenges surrounding preservation of water-based pigment dispersions are getting greater as the industry sees not only increased restrictions on preservatives but is also moving to become more environmentally friendly, with an emphasis on sustainability. As solvent based systems, which require no typical in-can preservatives, have become less desirable in applications such as interior wall coatings, the result is the introduction of more water-based ranges. When pigments are dispersed in a liquid form with water as a carrier, plus the addition of other formulation materials which can act as a feedstuff, the perfect environment is created for microbial growth. This, coupled with strengthened restrictions on preservation, means options for optimal preservation are increasingly limited. Pigments can be expensive and ensuring in-can spoilage does not occur is therefore paramount to any formulator.

Previously, the most common preservation for in-can protection was a combination of isothiazolinones, such as CIT & MIT. However, as many will know in Europe, amendments in 13th ATP published in May 2020 reclassified MIT as a skin sensitizer in concentrations above 15ppm. This amendment was a result of increased sensitivity to isothiazolinones seen worldwide, largely due to overuse in cosmetics and cleaning goods. The use of MIT below 15ppm saw significant reduction in efficacy and alternative ‘packages’ are now being used; the term package is used as a combination of biocides are now required to ensure broad spectrum protection.

Proactively ahead of MIT reclassification in May 2020, DCL removed MIT as a form of preservation in all water based GemSperse dispersions. In particular, DCL launched the GemSperse BA range in 2019, formulated with no intentionally added MIT, plus purposefully selected ingredients to enable use in end-products aiming to meet criteria requested by many eco-labels in the market. The range offers 25 brochure colour indexes compatible with a wide variety of systems with applications ranging from coatings and textiles to paper and latex colouration. The indexes include core colours used in both in-plant tinting and point of sales applications in the coatings industry, plus a host of other colours commonly used across other industries.

What’s next on the horizon?

From March 2022, OIT will be reclassified as a skin-sensitizer above 15ppm, and BIT is likely to follow other isothiazolinones in the next few years. This, coupled with the limiting number of acceptable biocides with any efficacy means formulators are already looking for alternative options, and the market will always be driven by consumer trends which are subject to change. Some are already formulating coatings away from isothiazolinone preservation and DCL’s GemSperse GX range can offer a solution for those looking in this direction. Initially developed for the children’s finger paint market to meet the stringent requirements of EN71-3 and EN71-7, the range is now a popular choice for those formulating ‘isothiazolinone free’ products in different applications away children’s finger paints, such as coatings. The range doesn’t contain CIT/MIT/BIT preservation and currently offers 11 colour indexes, although further indexes can be supplied depending on business needs.

So, what is the future of pigment dispersions?

DCL has a variety of GemSperse dispersion ranges compatible in countless systems which provide robust preservation, whilst adhering to the latest regulatory restrictions. As the saying goes, the future waits for no one and DCL is actively developing future ranges that not only explore the next generation of preservation, but also dispersions with guaranteed sustainability and subsequent versions of the many eco-labels in the market.


In-Can Preservation Type

Recommended Applications

GemSperse AX


Inks, Decorative & Industrial Coatings

GemSperse BA


Industrial Coatings, Decorative Coatings (including certain Eco-Labels), Latex, Seed Coatings, Artist Paints

GemSperse EX


Decorative & Industrial Coatings, Latex, Seed Coatings, Artist Paints

GemSperse GX


Children’s Finger Paints, Decorative Coatings

GemSperse KX


Paper Colouration


For a more detailed overview of our product ranges and products, browse our product brochure today!

DCL’s New Range of High-Performance Pigments

The recent acquisition of Sun Chemical’s manufacturing facility in Goose Creek, South Carolina USA includes the production and sales of the Perylene and Quinacridone product portfolios, along with select other specialty products. Perylenes and Quinacridones are specialty pigment families providing the highest performance, especially high chromaticity, high durability, high heat stability and transparency for the most demanding applications, including the automotive, industrial coatings and engineered plastics markets. 

Click here to download our new list of pigments for plastics, coatings, and inks. Please contact your local sales manager if you have any questions!


Having spent the last year and a half apart, the DCL Team was thrilled to meet altogether at the SPE CAD RETEC 2021 conference! The conference started off Monday (Sept 20th) morning with our sponsored breakfast! Later that day, Mark Freshwater presented on Bismuth Vanadate Pigments for Plastics, which had a great turn out. If you wish to learn about this topic, check out our upcoming webinar on Oct 13th (see page 7). On Monday night, we had a comedic illusionist, James Brandon, entertain us with his wizardry and tricks! We also had a brave crowd of runners who completed the 5K Fun Run on Tuesday morning and raised $1000 USD (and $39,000 over the last 16 years!) for the Habitat for Humanity Atlanta.


Looking forward to what next year brings!

ERP Update: Maastricht and USA Go-Live

This is our sixth article in our ERP series that covers an update from the most-recent go-live in Maastricht (Netherlands) and the United States. The Go-Live for both these regions occurred on September 1st, which was monumentally exciting and a huge milestone in the project. There was a scheduled cut-over period from August 30th – September 7th which allowed our internal project team the time to focus on the change over from one program to the other. While there have been some delays and issues that arose, common with any new system, we are now transacting business at both sites successfully.

In Maastricht, the manufacturing process is moving very smoothly, along with the purchasing, quality, finance and plant maintenance departments. The other area still being worked on is planning, as the cycle didn’t correspond with the timing of the launch. The first cycle of planning with the new system is now being prepared.

In the USA, the sales and customer service, purchasing, distribution, finance and quality modules were started up during the cut over periods. We started transacting business by September 7th

“Our team has been working diligently over the last month to minimize the inconvenience to our customers. They’ve worked overtime while maintaining positive attitudes and have focused on how to work together on solutions,” says Frank Lavieri, DCL’s Executive VP of Sales & Marketing).

We are now in a transition period where we are still working through the anticipated backlog of orders from the cut-over period while we get up to normal order fulfillment timeframes. We expect to be in a stabilization period by October 1st.  We appreciate your support and patience with us during this time. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local Sales Manager.

Upcoming Webinars:

Why use Bismuth Vanadate Pigments for Plastics?
October 13th, 2021

Bismuth Vanadate (BV), Pigment Yellow 184 (PY.184) was introduced as an inorganic pigment in the mid 1980’s.  Its usage and value have grown, however, PY.184 is often overlooked as a potential candidate when a high-performance yellow is needed.  DCL has a full range of BV’s for coatings, plastics, and ink applications.   We will share information and data that demonstrates why PY.184 may not only be a good high-performance yellow option, but the best option!

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“Into The Blue” – The Mystery of Indanthrone Blue
November 16th, 2021
This webinar will focus on the history of Indanthrone blue, its value in use, and some of its mysteries! It will be presented by Lieven Vandenberghe (European Coatings Industry, Coordination Manager). Technical staff will be available to answer questions during the webinar, and include: Curtis Ross, Peter Baggen, and Bruce Howie. More information to come in subsequent newsletters.
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Ultramarine – Unique Blue for your Color Match Toolbox
January 2022
This webinar will focus on the application and use, Properties, Product Range, Color Space, Cost Performance, Offsets, and more! It will be presented by Larry Lane (Sales Manager, Southwest USA), who has a breadth of knowledge and experience with these products. Panelists will include Frank Lavieri and Jadel Baptista.

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